Reads Landing and Cap’n Crunch

It has come to my attention that thus far this blog has covered all ancestors and no alcohol. In an attempt to cover the other kind of spirits and to experiment with the map plug-in, I’ll write a little about our last day trip of 2014.

Late last October, we had one last beautiful day of  fall weather, so we headed toward the river to check out Reads Landing Brewing Company for lunch. Reads Landing, Minnesota is a tiny, unincorporated town that sits alongside the Mississippi River. The town was sleepy and easy to miss (quite literally, we missed the turn … Continue reading

A Wee Bit Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

According to my DNA test, I am of 6% Irish heritage. That confirms that I am only a wee little bit Irish. My watered down Irish genes come from both the paternal and maternal sides of my mom’s family. Grab a Guinness and read my tale.

The McCalls

My 5th great-grandfather, Robert McCall was born in 1751 in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. In 1773, he brought his wife and infant daughter to America. There have been some wild tales told about Robert and how he happened to come to America. One says … Continue reading