Christianson Family Reunion – Who was there?

Included in a mess of loose photos in a box at my parents’ house that was brought home from my Grandpa Christianson’s house decades ago, were a couple snapshots titled, “Family Reunion.” The photos were of descendants of Barbo and Bjorn Rukke Christianson and were likely taken sometime between 1911 and 1926.


A hundred years later, can we figure out who is who in the photo? Maybe if we work together as a group?


Here are the the two similar photos from the reunion:

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Whitewater Wines and Garvin Heights Vineyards

The weather was gorgeous and it seemed like a bad idea to waste a Saturday inside, so I pulled my husband away from his projects to take a trip to a couple local wineries.

Our first stop was Whitewater Wines. I found this place via a google search and was surprised to find that there was a winery near Plainview, Minnesota. Getting there was a little tough. The winery had precise directions on their web page, but road construction between us and there made us throw those instructions out the window (figuratively, we didn’t … Continue reading

Vacationing in Rochester

My husband and I had a date night on Friday and though we didn’t leave town we felt like we were in a vacation destination.  What is happening to our town? A lot!

We headed downtown to Historic Third Street and started with a light dinner at the Grand Rounds Brewing Company. This place brews their own beer, but also have a couple “guest brews” on their menu. We found that they really do know how to make good beer. I had the FREEDOM SCOTCH ALE which they aptly describe as, “They can take our lives, but they’ll … Continue reading