Lefse – A Family Tradition

Yesterday was the 7th annual lefse making day for my family. Lefse is a big deal for us. A big part of many family histories comes in the tradition of foods. For us with Norwegian roots, lefse is a delicacy. My dad was one of three boys, so there wasn’t a daughter to learn the art of lefse making at a young age and carry down the skill. But several years ago, long after my paternal grandma passed away, my mother, who is not at all Norwegian, decided that we needed to learn how to make it. So she and … Continue reading

Breweries and Brew Pubs

Rochester Minnesota, like a lot of places, is exploding with craft beer. In the last few years, two brew pubs and two breweries have opened for business in our little town. This is good news!

Five years ago, a documentary called Beer Wars really opened our eyes to how evil the beer industry can be. With government regulations and the three-tier system on their side, the big brewers really have an advantage over the little guys, so most people drink mediocre beer from these monopolies. Thus, since about 2010, we have made an effort to avoid beers from … Continue reading

Hill City Wineries (…drinking in South Dakota)

On a recent vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota, we discovered that besides monuments, curvy roads and scenery, the hills are filled with wine. In Hill City, where we were staying, we were able to visit three wineries, a wine store and even throw in a craft brewery for good measure.

Naked Winery

Okay, who could a resist a place with a name like Naked Winery? We were led astray a bit by TripAdvisor which listed this as a restaurant in addition to being a winery. We were hungry, but found that they served … Continue reading