Happy Birthday Birgit Lostegaard

Birgit Nilsdtr Lostegaard (1843-1887)


Birgit Nilsdtr Lostegaard was born on 23 Feb 1843 on the Lostegaard farm in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. She was the ninth child of Nils Olson Ro Lostegaard and Barbo Eriksdatter Lostegaard. She had eleven siblings, namely: Barbo, Birgit, Ola Nilson, Ragnhild Nilsdatter, Ingeborg Nilsdtr, Birgit, Barbo, Erick Nilsson, Gunhild, Tolliev Nilsson, and Ole. Birgit was baptized on 25 Feb 1843 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway.


When she was 21, she married Halvor Stemson on 21 Apr 1864 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. He was the son of Stengrim Halvorsen and Kristi Knudsdr.


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SocialICE is nice… ice or no ice


Last night we attended our seventh annual SocialICE. This is the eighth year for the event. We missed the first one and perhaps didn’t even know about it, but have attended every once since.

According to the event organizers:

SocialICE – Rochester Minnesota’s Ice Bar – transforms the Peace Plaza in the heart of downtown Rochester to an outdoor ice bar experience. The event generates an artistic and sophisticated social gathering place complete with lighting effects, music, the Walk of Ice sculpture garden, drinks, and more. Come to SocialICE and you’ll experience seven 12-foot uniquely designed and themed … Continue reading

National Drink Wine Day – February 18

My brother-in-law brought to my attention, via Facebook, that today is National Drink Wine Day. How did I not know there was an official day for this?

Well, while it is recorded at NationalDayCalendar.com, the USA Today had a blurb on it, and many local news stations have run stories on it over the last several years, the origins on this seem a little sketchy.

The National Drink Wine Day official site doesn’t say much except that it was started to “celebrate and spread the love of wine.” They mostly want you to join their Facebook fan … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Thankful Badcock

Thankful Badcock (1668-1718)

Thankful Badcock (1667/68 – 1718)

Today is the 348th anniversary of the birth of Thankful Badcock!

Okay. Pause. Yes, “Thankful Badcock” certainly is one of more unusual names in the family tree. Pause. Chuckle. Okay.

Now that we have had our laugh…

Thankful Badcock was born on 18 Feb 1667/68 in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA as the eleventh child of Robert and Joanna Badcock. She had ten older siblings, namely: Samuel, Jonathan, James, Abigail, Nathaniel, Caleb, Hopestill, Ebenezer, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Thankful Badcock was baptized on 27 Jun 1669 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA.

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Happy Birthday Frieda Lemke

This week we remember Frieda Lemke who was born 135 years ago today.


Henriette Clara Frieda Lemke was born on 11 February 1881 in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. She was the first child for Clara Christine Elsabe Freese and Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke. As a very young child, she and her mother departed from Hamburg, Germany on 23 August 1882. They arrived in New York on 7 September 1882. Her father had traveled to America ahead of his family. They first lived at Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but then settled in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin.

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Happy Birthday Harry Fawcett

In the first in what will become a regular series of birthday remembrances, I’m taking time to remember Harry Fawcett. Harry Allen Lawrence Fawcett was born 144 years ago today.

He was born 4 February 1872 in Jasper county, Iowa to Hugh and Helen (Baldwin) Fawcett. He was the second child. He had an older brother, Ralph C. Fawcett (1870-1885), and three younger siblings:

  • Franklin A. Fawcett (1876-1951)
  • George Emerson Fawcett (1877-1959)
  • Ida Rena Fawcett Hill (1881-1951)

As a young child, the family moved from Jasper County to Harrison, Adair County, Iowa. His dad was a … Continue reading

Down home with the Estes family…and bottles, bombers and growlers

I really don’t want to be older than I already am, but I sometimes wish that I’d been born a little sooner so that I could have enjoyed the company of my maternal Estes family a little more. Home movies filmed by my Grandpa Tom and Uncle Jim have given me a glimpse into just how much fun the family had. As I watched the following early 1960s clip thinking that there was a heck of a lot of smooching going on, I also started wondering how many ounces were in the bottles of beer they were drinking.

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