Happy Birthday Jonathan Rockwell, Jr.

Jonathan Rockwell, Jr. (1711-1784)


This is the 305th anniversary of the birth of Jonathan Rockwell, Jr. He was born 31 March 1711 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut as the fourth child of Jonathan Rockwell and Abigail Camfield. He had three siblings, namely: Benjamin, John, and David. His family moved to Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut when he was young. His father was one of the original land owners there.

Marriage and Children

When he was 22, he married Esther in Oct 1733 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

Jonathan Rockwell Jr. and Esther had the following children:

Happy Birthday Crooked Run Tommy

Thomas Fawcett (1747/8-~1822)

Today is the 268th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Fawcett. He was born on 24th day 1st month 1748 in Frederick County Virginia. He was the second of six children of Richard Fawcett and Rachel Ireson.

Birth Date

Thomas was born into the Society of Friends, known to us as the Quaker faith. Double dating was still in effect when he was born, so not only does his birth date involve double dating listing the year as 1747/8 and March as the 1st month of the year (see posts on Thankful Badcock and Joseph Johnson for … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber (1803-1885)

Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber (1803-1885)

Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber (1803-1885)

Birth and Marriage

Happy birthday to Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber who was born 213 years ago on 15 March 1803. Carl’s mother’s name was Mary, but his father’s name is not yet known to us. As a young man, Carl married Ernestine-Caroline Neuman. Little is known about his early life.

Pomerania, Prussia, Germany or Poland

Carl’s birth and marriage occurred in Pomerania or Prussia or Germany or Poland… With boundaries moving often, the area of his origin has changed names through the years. The Fehlhabers considered themselves Germans. When he was born, his town was in Pomerania. Situated … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson (1676/77-1739)


Joseph Johnson was born 339 years ago today, on 09 Mar 1676/77¹, in Middletown, Connecticut as the fourth child of Isaac Johnson and Mary Harris. He had eight siblings, namely: Isaac, Daniel, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, William, Mary, and Ebenezer.

Joseph Johnson was baptized on 11 Mar 1676/77 in First Church, Middletown, Connecticut. The church had been established just nine years earlier, in 1668.

Joseph was born into a world where there were no lines between church and state. Puritanism was the only permitted faith and it controlled every aspect of citizens’ lives. Unlike the Pilgrims who came … Continue reading

Is there curling in their DNA?

No athletic ability passed down to me

I have never given much thought to athletics in my family history. I personally have no skill in that area whatsoever. I’ve never met a sport that couldn’t make me cry. I was always picked last in gym class and I don’t blame the people doing the picking. I hated playing dodge ball (which we played every single day in sixth grade) and always tried to get hit right away so that I could be out. In high school, my normally patient friend, who was a member of the girl’s golf team, took me along … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Caroline Hilson

Caroline HIlson (1863-1940)

Caroline Hilson (1863-1940)

Today is the 153rd anniversary of the birth of Caroline Hilson.


Caroline Hilson was born on 04 Mar 1863 in Westfield, Dodge, Minnesota as the third child of Guttorm Hillson Wenaas and Jorand Christiansdtr Rukke. She had seven siblings, namely: Inger Randina, Helena, Ragnild G, Christian G, Henry G, Marie, and Thomas Bennett. Caroline Hilson was baptized on 01 May 1863 at First Lutheran Church in St Ansgar, Mitchell, Iowa.

Three months after her birth, Caroline’s father was drafted for the Civil War. Fortunately for him (and us) there were several options when Guttorm’s number was called. You could … Continue reading