Collaboration beer dinner

Collaboration Beer Dinner  Forager, Surly, Fulton and Toppling Goliath

I just attended my first collaboration beer dinner at Forager Brewery’s pop up kitchen hidden in the back of their Kutzky Market venue. The event featured gourmet food from Forager chefs paired with beer from Forager, Surly, Fulton and Topping Goliath. Going into this, I figured I’d like the beer, but I was a little worried about the food. I’m not always so keen on gourmet cooking. And Forager’s thing is to go out and forage for ingredients for their food and beer. … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes (1744-    )

Oh Thomas! This 272nd birthday greeting is difficult…

There isn’t much known about Thomas and the sources are sparse. What has been written raises a lot of questions. I tried to find someone else celebrating a birthday on this day so I could skip Thomas, but had no luck. I wish I was famous and on one of those genealogy shows like Finding Your Roots or Who Do You Think You Are? so that I could be whisked away to a dusty library somewhere and a friendly historian would … Continue reading

174 tastes of beer on deck!

This is how much beer they normally pour.

The Program for the 2016 Rochester Craft Beer Expo has been published. Reading through it, I count 174 different beers to taste.

I noticed that the trend this year seems to be more fruit-inspired beer. I see names like Blood Orange French Saison, Citradelic, Pineapple Sculpin, Mango Even … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Hannah Miner

Hannah Miner (1671-~1708)


Hannah Miner was born on 21 Apr 1671 as the third child of Ephraim Miner and Hannah Avery in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. She had eleven siblings, namely: Ephraim, Thomas, Rebecca, Samuel, Deborah, Samuel, James, Grace, John, Son, and Daughter. Hannah was baptized 16 June 1672 in New London, Connecticut. Her brothers Thomas and Ephraim were baptized the same day.

The Miner surname is often spelled Minor and the two spellings seem to have been used interchangeably during Hannah’s lifetime.

Marriage and Children

When she was 19, Hannah married Samuel Frink, son of John Frink and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Philander Baldwin

Obituary of Philander Baldwin.

Philander Baldwin (1809-1876)

Arrival at Watertown

Two hundred and seven years ago today, 16 April 1809, Philander Baldwin was dropped on the planet by aliens. Well, probably not, but I’ve not yet been able to find any record of his birth or early life. He just appeared out of nowhere in 1836, in what would later be called Watertown, Wisconsin. According to census records, he was born in New York. But, the first evidence of him comes in an account by a Wisconsin pioneer named Luther Cole. Mr. Cole wrote:

“I then resolved to upon visiting Wisconsin; and taking passage … Continue reading

It’s almost time – Rochester Craft Beer Expo!

Rochester Craft Beer Expo

Rochester Craft Beer Expo – 2016

We are only a few weeks away from the local 2016 beer fest! Do you have your tickets?

I have mine. I am so excited.

The event is being held April 30th!


Happy Birthday John Loverin

John Loverin (1762-1843)

It has been written that the most interesting parts of a person’s life were the parts that fell in the “-” between their dates on a tombstone. John Loverin, like a lot of our ancestors, didn’t leave us a lot of clues to what went on in his life. There is likely much, much, much more to know than what is documented below. Maybe someday more of the story will reveal itself, but for now, we celebrate him by reviewing what we do know about his life.


254 years ago, John Loverin was born on 07 Apr 1762 in Exeter, Rockingham, New … Continue reading