Happy Birthday Clara Christine Elsabe Freese

Clara Christine Elsabe Freese (1859-1943)

Clara Christine Elsabe Freese was born on 29 Jun 1859 in Grossen, Broda, Holstein, Germany as the first child of Johannes Freese and Alida Elisabeth Henriette Wallhöfer. She had three siblings, namely: Ferdinand Heinrich Ludwig, Henriette Pauline Friedricke, and Wilhelmine Henriette Emilie. Clara attended school in Germany until she was fourteen years old.

When she was 21, she married Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke, son of Heinrich Lemke and Friedericke Stroede, on 05 Feb 1881 in Hamburg, Hamburg, Deutschland.

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Watermelon Keg – past and present

As part of a variety of refreshments we provided at an 80th birthday party this past weekend, we had a watermelon keg. It received rave reviews and a lot of attention.

Combining the watermelon with alcohol was inspired by the birthday boy’s tale of working at a summer resort in Wisconsin back in the 1950s. The resort staff had Saturday nights … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lona Iona Fawcett

Lona Iona Fawcett (1902-1973)

Lona Iona Fawcett was born on 28 Jun 1902 in Sac City, Sac, Iowa as the only child of Harry Allen Lawrence Fawcett and Barbara Mary Meyer. She was so tiny when she was born that she fit into a shoe box. She never did get very tall. As an adult she stood only 4’9″ tall. She grew up in Sac County, Iowa during her youth.

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Happy Birthday Robert Boyes

Robert Boyes (1743-1803)

Happy 273rd Birth Anniversary to Revolutionary War soldier, Robert Boyes.

Robert Boyes was born on 24 Jun 1743 in Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

We may be most familiar with Boyce as the way to spell this surname in the family tree, but Robert’s most common spelling in the records seems to have been Boyes. At times, the name has also been spelled Boice, Boys and Boyss.

Bunker Hill

A week before his 32nd birthday, Robert fought at Bunker Hill. Yes, the famous battle of Bunker Hill!

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Happy Birthday Sabra Billings

Sabra Billings (1751->1840)

Sabra Billings was born 265 years ago and lived in a volatile time in American history.

Birth and Youth

Sabra Billings was born on 16 Jun 1751 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut as the fifth child of John Billings and Elizabeth Page. She had four siblings, namely: Andrew, Phebe, John, and Daniel.

Sabra’s father died on 5 February 1761, when Sabra was not yet ten years old.  According to the will, Sabra’s mother was given half of the dwelling house and other buildings and a third of the land owned by the estate to use during her lifetime. … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Barbara Mary Meyer

Barbara Mary Meyer (1881-1972)

Barbara Mary Meyer was born on 09 Jun 1881 in Mendota, La Salle, Illinois as the child of  Jacob B. Meyer and Barbara Mary Stadler. She had nine siblings, namely: Jacob, Frank M, Mathias, Robert, Christena, Katharina, Jerome Adam, Hieronimus, and a sister who died as an infant. Barbara was the seventh of the living children. She had two younger brothers.

Her parents had both been born in Germany and immigrated to the United States. Her father fought for the Union in the Civil War. Afterwards, he met her mother and they started their family … Continue reading