Happy Birthday Hannah Tolman

Hannah Tolman (1642-1729)

Hannah Tolman was born on 27 Jul 1642 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the third child of Thomas Tolman and Sarah. She had six siblings, namely: Sarah, Thomas, John, Ruth, Rebecca, and Mary. Hannah’s mother died when Hannah was young. She had a step-mother named Katherine.

A few months before Hannah was born, the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed the first law in the new world requiring that children be taught to read and write English. Heads of households had to make sure that their own children were educated as well as anyone else in their household such … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Robert Fitz Randolph (1712-~1803)

Robert Fitz Randolph (1712-~1803)


Robert Fitz Randolph was born on 19 Jul 1712 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey as the fifth child of Edward Fitz Randolph and Katherine Hartshorne. The date was listed as the 19th day of the 5th month of 1712, but double dating was still in use, so the first month was March and the fifth month of the year was July. Robert had nine siblings, namely: Richard, Edward, Thomas, Mary, Nathaniel, Margaret, Eseck, Hugh, and Hartshorne. His parents were members of the Society of Friends, commonly called the Quakers. Robert’s birth was recorded in the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday John M Meador

John M Meador (1734-1824)


John M. Meador was born on 14 Jul 1734 in Goochland, Virginia as the fifth child of Jonas Meador and Frances E. Anderson (or Hudgens). He had eight siblings, namely: Joel W., Jonas, Mary, Frances, Josiah, Jehu, Joab, and Jesse.

Marriage and Children

About 1753, when he was about 18, John married Jane Holloway, daughter of John Holloway and Hannah Spiers.

John M. Meador and Jane Holloway had the following children:

  • Joel Meador was born on 15 Jun 1756 in Virginia. He died after 1824.
  • Mary Meador was born on 05 Jul 1757 in Virginia.  She married … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Ragnild Bjornsdtr Skolt

    Ragnild Bjornsdtr Skolt (1809-1900)

    Ragnild Bjornsdtr Skolt was born on 04 Jul 1809 in Skolt, Aalrust, Hemsedal (Hallingdal), Buskerud, Norway as the tenth child of Bjorn Sveinson Hallbjorshus Skolt and Kari Olsdtr Markegolo Skolt. She had nine siblings, namely: Birgit, Svein, Margit, Ola, Bjorn, Birgit, Birgit, Rangdi, and Jon. Ragnild Bjornsdtr Skolt was baptized on 09 Jul 1809 in Nes i Hallingdal, Buskerud, Norway. She grew up in rural Norway, helping her parents herd cattle in the mountain pastures and doing household work such as churning butter and making cheese.

    When she was 23, she married Christian Oleson Rukke,son of Ole … Continue reading