Happy Birthday Hope Borden

Hope Borden (1747-<1810)

Hope Borden was born on 28 Oct 1747 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, USA as the first child of John Borden and Susanna Pearse. She had ten siblings, namely: Thomas, Richard, Benjamin, Ann, Joshua, Mary, Sarah, Susannah, John, and Ruth.

When she was 20, she married Ezra Brownell, son of George Brownell and Sarah Bailey, on 20 Oct 1768 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island.

Ezra Brownell and Hope Borden had fifteen children:

  • Ezra Brownell was born on 19 Jan 1769 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. He married Amanda Davidson. He then married Nancy Dorn. He died … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner

    Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner (1810-1885)

    Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner was born on 19 Oct 1810 in Posen, Prussia, Germany as the child of Friedrich August Aschbrenner.

    When he was about 26, he married Wilhelmina Mathwich, daughter of Anna Marie and Daniel Mathwich, about 1837 in Hansfelde, Posen, Prussia.

    Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner and Wilhelmina Mathwich had the following children:

  • Gustav Edward Aschbrenner was born on 21 Sep 1837 in Hansfelde, Posen, Prussia.  He married Johanna Fenhaus on 27 Jun 1866 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin. He married Emilie Friedricke Caroline Graveen on 19 Sep 1867 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin. He married Johanne Caroline Wilhelmine … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Bennett Nils Christianson

    Bennett Nils Christianson (1902-2000)

    This week of each year is always a little tough. For so many years, we got to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday in mid-October. And my son Philip’s birthday was just two days after Grandpa’s, so one time we got to celebrate them together. I like to think that they now celebrate together in heaven.

    Bennett Nils Christianson was born on 14 Oct 1902 in Newry, Freeborn, Minnesota as the third child of Christian Bennett Christianson and Bertha H Stemson. He had ten siblings, namely: Blanche Birgithe, Hilda Bertine, Charles Bernhard, Inez Ruby, Lawrence Richard, Merril Clifford, Clifford … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth Partridge

    Elizabeth Partridge (1688-1768)

    Elizabeth Partridge was born on 07 Oct 1688 in Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts as the eleventh and youngest child of Samuel Partridge and Mehitable Crow. You have to giggle a little thinking about a Partridge marrying a Crow, right? Elizabeth had ten siblings, namely: William, Samuel, Mehitable, another Mehitable, an unnamed Infant, Mary, Jonathan, Edward, Jonathan, and John.

    When she was 20, Elizabeth married John Hamlin, son of John Hamlin, on 03 May 1709 in Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

    John Hamlin and Elizabeth Partridge had the following children:

  • Mehitabell Hamlin was born on 06 Feb 1709/10 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut. … Continue reading