Happy Birthday Thomas L. Antrim

Thomas Antrim, birth record.

Thomas L. Antrim (1686-1732)

Thomas L. Antrim was born on 30 Nov 1686 in Northampton, Burlington, New Jersey as the third child of John Antrim and Frances Butcher. He had six siblings, namely: John, James, Ann, Mary, Isaac, and Elizabeth.

Burlington county was, at the time, part of what was known as West Jersey. The area was first settled by English Quakers less than a decade or so before Thomas’ birth. The Quakers were persecuted in England and, in many cases, forced to move to America. The first ship of Burlington settlers arrived there in 1678, after traveling up the Delaware … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lars Olson Aldahl

Lars Olson Aldahl (1856-1940)

Lars Olson Aldahl was born on 24 Nov 1856 in Voss, Evanger, Hordaland, Norway as the ninth child of Ole Knutson Aldahl and Ragnild Torkjelsdtr Ofstedal. He had nine siblings, namely: Jorun Olsdtr, Jorgen Olson, Knut Olson, Torkel Olson, Marta Olsdtr, Synneva Olsdtr, Brita Olsdtr, Marjo Olsdtr, and Olaf Olson. Lars Olson Aldahl was baptized on 14 Dec 1856 in Voss, Evanger, Hordaland, Norway. He was the  youngest of his parents’ eight children who survived infancy. He was confirmed in the church at Voss and attended teachers training in Voss from 1876-1878.

When he was 21-years old, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Norman Krueger

Norman Arthur August Krueger (1904-1980)

Norman Arthur August Krueger was born on 22 Nov 1904 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin as the fifth child of Bernhard Richard R Krueger and Frieda H Lemke. Norman’s maternal grandmother, Clara, was a midwife and assisted in his birth. He had five siblings, namely: Sadie Clere, Arnold F, Bernhard R, Irene Clara Anna, and John F. As we learned last week, when we were celebrating Bernhard’s birthday, the family lived in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Norman graduated from high school there in 1923. During high school he was on the agriculture track. He was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bernhard Richard R Krueger

Bernhard Krueger.

Bernhard Richard R Krueger (1873-1927)

Bernhard Richard R Krueger was born on 18 Nov 1873 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin, as the fifth child of Johann Krueger and Augusta Baumann. He had seven siblings, namely: Carl Friedrich Emmanuel, Franz W, Robert Friedrich, Louise, Anna Marie Mathilde, Martha J. E., and Otto Emil A.. When he was a child, his family moved from Dodge County, Wisconsin to the Town of Texas in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

When he was 25, he married Frieda H Lemke, daughter of Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke and Clara Christine Elsabe Freese. They married, in … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Björn Christianson Rukke

Björn Christianson Rukke (1841-1932)

Björn Christianson Rukke was born on 11 Nov 1841 on the Rukke farm in Nes, Buskerud, Norway  as the fourth child of Christian Oleson Rukke and Ragnild Bjornsdtr Skolt. He had six siblings, namely: Ole (who died at age 15 months), Ole , Jorand, Kari, Randi, and Margit. Björn Christianson Rukke was baptized on 17 Mar 1844 in Nes i Hallingdal, Buskerud, Norway.

When he was a few years old, his parents decided to leave Norway and cross the ocean to America. He wasn’t quite three years old yet when they made the trip. I wonder … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Plumb

Elizabeth Plumb (1669-1747)

Elizabeth Plumb was born on 01 Nov 1669 as the first child of John Plumbe and Elizabeth Norton. That was 347 years ago! The spelling of the Plumb surname evolved over time. It was originally written Plume, then Plumbe, then Plumb. Sometimes it is even spelled, Plum or Plump. Elizabeth’s dad can be found in the records with multiple spellings. Elizabeth had nine siblings, namely: John, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Dorothy, Joseph, Ruth, Josiah, and Robert.

When she was 20, Elizabeth Plumb married Samuel Hickock, son of Samuel Hickock and Hannah Upson, on 16 Apr 1690 in Waterbury, New … Continue reading