Happy Birthday Albert Phillips

Albert “Tom” Aveldo Phillips (1841-1925)

Albert Aveldo Phillips was born on 26 Dec 1841 in Sugar Grove, Kane, Illinois as the third child of Jacob W Phillips and Betsey Holmes. He had two siblings, namely: Francis Jerome, and Harriet Eliza. However, both of his parents had been married and widowed before being married to each other, so Tom was actually the youngest of his father’s 12 children and the youngest of his mother’s siblings. Besides Francis Jerome and Harriet Eliza Phillips, Tom’s siblings included William James Phillips, Elizabeth Sophia Phillips, Lena Marie Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Lucy Caroline Phillips, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lucretia Brownell

Lucretia Brownell (1799-1857)

If I had a time travel machine, Lucretia is one of the ancestors that I would go back and visit. Well, or maybe I’d have her join me here in more modern times. I would love to talk to her and get her personal perspective on the events of her life.

Lucretia Brownell was born on 21 Dec 1799 in Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York as the second child of Pierce Brownell and Margaret Spike. She had two siblings, namely: Ezra, and John.

Lucretia’s father died when she was about three-years old. A couple years later, her mother … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Thomas Borden

Thomas Borden (1682-1745)

Thomas Borden was born on 13 Dec 1682 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island as the fifth child of John Borden and Mary Earle. He had eight siblings, namely: Richard, John, Amey, Joseph, Hope, Mary, William, and Benjamin.

1682. That is 334 years ago! That helps explain why I know so little about Thomas and his life. This is probably one of my most boring birthday posts, but I will honor him with sharing the little bits of information that I do know.

He married first to Catherine Hull. Thomas Borden and Catherine Hull had no children. She died.

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Happy Birthday Floyd Boyce Phillips

Floyd Boyce Phillips (1891-1971)

Floyd Boyce Phillips was born on 07 Dec 1891 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois as the third child of Guy Allison Phillips and Gertrude Lovin Boyce. He had four brothers, namely: Roy Selam, Albert Harold, Arthur Guy, and Charles Verne.

Floyd grew up in Illinois, but as a young man, joined brothers to farm in Canada. He headed north in the summers and then came home to Illinois for winters. While in Canada, Floyd played baseball. Floyd served in World War I and was deployed to France.

When he was 33, Floyd Boyce Phillips married Leona Catherine … Continue reading