Happy Birthday Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen Morris (1661-1743)

Elizabeth Bowen was born on 26 Jan 1660/61 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the second child of Henry Bowen and Elizabeth Johnson. She had nine siblings, namely: Henry, John, Margaret, Maria, Margaret, Abigail, Penuel, Esther, and Isaac. Elizabeth Bowen was baptized on 27 Jan 1660/1, a day after she was born, in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

[Before we really get started, here is a note about place names… the names listed are what the places are called now. When Elizabeth was alive we did not have states or even have thirteen colonies. The New World was just being settled … Continue reading

DIY Beer Tasting

What to do with all that beer?

A couple months ago, during an extended weekend with family, we decided to have a spur of the moment do it yourself beer tasting. Relatives from Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin had assembled in Minnesota. Lots of craft beer was brought along to share. We faced the dilemma of having many bottles of beer, but very little time to drink them. What better way to get a sampling of all the choices, than to do a beer tasting. So, since we are a family full of statisticians, scientists and technical experts, we needed to make this … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Margaret Olga Aldahl

Margaret Aldahl.

Margaret Olga Aldahl (1902-1972)

Margaret Olga Aldahl was born on 21 Jan 1902 at home in Lansing, Mower, Minnesota as the eleventh child of Lars Olson Aldahl and Caroline Hilson. She had eleven siblings, namely: Johanna Ragnila, George Oscar, Clara Marie, Selmer Ludvig, Ida Bertina, Hilda Melvina, Judith Ronellie “Nellie,” Olga Mathilda (who died young), Noel Clarence Ruben, Joseph Tilman, and Martha Cornelia. Margaret was baptized as an infant on 20 Apr 1902 in Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church, Austin, Mower, Minnesota. She was confirmed on 11 Nov 1917 in Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church. She grew up on the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Zilpha Hodges

Zilpha and Peter McCall children: Sam, Mary, James and Robert.

Zilpha Hodges (1807-1884)

Zilpha Hodges was born on 18 Jan 1807 in Franklin, Virginia as the second child of Rebecca and John “Redhead” Hodges. She had one sibling, namely: Gabriel. Not much is known about her childhood. It is quite likely that she had additional siblings. There was more than one man in the neighborhood with the same name as her father and the records for Virginia are sparse, so we can only hope that her early years were happy ones.

When she was 19, Zilpha married Peter Holland McCall, son of William S. McCall and Mildred Holland, on 10 Apr 1826 in … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Samual Christopher McCall

Samual Christopher McCall

Samual Christopher McCall (1833-1922)

Samual Christopher McCall was born on 18 Jan 1833 in Franklin County, Virginia as the third child of Peter Holland McCall and Zilpha Hodges. He was born on his mother’s 26th birthday. Sam had six siblings, namely: John William, Robert Henry, Nancy Ann, Thomas Alexander, Mary Mildred, and James Franklin.

When Sam was about six years old, Peter and Zilpha moved their family from Virginia to Auxvasse Township, Callaway County, Missouri. So, Sam did most of his growing up in the relative wilderness of Missouri. A lot of the extended McCall family had also made the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Gottfried Friederick Draeger

Gottfried Friederick Draeger (1821-1899)

Gottfried Friederick Draeger was born on 12 Jan 1821 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia as the third child of Michael Friederick Dräger and Christina Bohn. He was baptized at Dobberphul on 21 Jan 1821. He had five siblings, namely: Gottfried (who died young), Hanna Louisa, Dorothea Louisa, Christian, and Friederike.

He was called Friederick.

When he was 27, he married Joanna Friedericke Streich, daughter of Johann Friederick Streich and Maria Elizabeth Luise Liesener, on 13 Nov 1848 in Evangelical Church, Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She was known as Friedericke.

Friederick and Friedericke started their family in Dobberphul. … Continue reading

Happy Birthday John Frost

John Frost (1754-1822)

John Frost was born on 03 Jan 1754 in Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts as the only child of Joseph Frost and Deborah Esterbrook. John’s father was killed on 17 May 1755 after falling from the tongue of an ox cart. His mother died 15 May 1756. So, as a two-year old, John was an orphan. We don’t know who raised John.

When he was 22, he married Mary Bacon, daughter of John Bacon and Abigail Sawin, on 14 Nov 1776 in Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Though he was a young man during the American Revolution, there is no record of … Continue reading