Happy Birthday Thomas Leland Estes

Thomas Leland Estes (1896-1968)

Nearly every minute of my “family history” free time since August 2016 has been spent working on writing an Estes book. So, Thomas Leland Estes and his ancestors have been in my thoughts a lot. What an interesting family history to study!  Please join me in remembering my Grandpa Tom.

Thomas Leland Estes was born on 28 Mar 1896 in Castana, Monona, Iowa as the fifth child of John Thomas Estes and Zelpha Lou McCall. He had five siblings, namely: Gussie Ann, Robert C., Ida Mildred, Herman Patrick, and James Andrew. He was called Tom. When he … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Amelia A Brace

Amelia A. Brace (1844-1926)

Amelia A. Brace was born on 22 Mar 1844 in Akron, Erie, New York as the sixth child of Edmund Brace and Jerusha Bennett. She had seven siblings, namely: John, Deborah Rose, Comfort, Nancy, Thomas, Joseph, and Eliza H. Brace.

When she was a very small child, Amelia’s family left New York and resettled in Bristol, Kendall, Illinois.

Amelia lost her mother when she was about five-years old. It is quite possible that her mother died in childbirth when Amelia’s youngest sister, Eliza, was born on 7 Nov 1849. The mother, Jerusha Bennett Brace, passed away … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Margaret Spike

Margaret Spike (1781->1855)

Margaret Spike was born on 16 Mar 1781 in Saratoga, Saratoga, New York as the first child of Daniel Spike and Roseanna Fuller. She had seven siblings, namely: Daniel, Mercy, Thankful, Josiah, Sally, Catharine, and Lucy.

When she was 16, she married Pierce Brownell, son of Ezra Brownell and Hope Borden, on 28 May 1797 in Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York. She shared a birthday with her husband.

Pierce Brownell and Margaret Spike had the following children:

  • Ezra Brownell was born on 10 Mar 1798 in Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York.
  • Lucretia Brownell was born … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Pierce Brownell

    Pierce Brownell (1781-~1802)

    Pierce Brownell is one of those ancestors who can frustrate his descendants. He lived a short life and left very little evidence. Most of what we know about him comes from a manuscript notebook that has been passed down through one line of his descendants. The notebook was started in about 1868 by Lucretia Brownell Hall, the daughter of John Brownell and Mary Ann French and granddaughter of Pierce Brownell. Much gratitude goes to the current owner of that notebook for sharing the information contained within.¹

    So, this post will cover what is believed to be true with … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset

    Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset (1848-1940)

    Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset was born on 09 Mar 1848 in Endredokken, Skar, Hemsedal, Norway as the only child of Engebret Asleson Torset and Berget Ingvalsdtr Grondal. Her mother was a widow when she married Barebo’s dad. So, Barebo had four half-siblings as a result of the marriage of Berget Ingalsdtr Grondal and Endre Oddmundson Oygarde. The siblings were Barebo Endresdtr, Ingvar Endreson, Kari Endreson and Oddmund Endreson (who had died before Barebo’s birth).

    Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset was baptized on 26 Mar 1848 in Gol Parish. She was confirmed in the Lutheran faith.  Note that her name has … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Bertha H. Stemson

    Bertha H. Stemson (1877-1968)

    Bertha H. Stemson was born on 05 Mar 1877 in Newry, Freeborn, Minnesota as the eighth child of Halvor Stemson and Birgit Nilsdtr Lostegaard. Her parents were Norwegian immigrants. Bertha had eleven siblings, namely: Ingeborg, Barbra, Christina, Nels, Sam, Carl, Carl Gilbert, Berthena Olivia, Julia Helene, Henry Bennett, and Ole Edwin. Bertha H. Stemson was baptized on 29 Mar 1877 in Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church, Austin, Mower, Minnesota. She was baptized Barbro, but was known as Bertha, the American version of the name. She was confirmed at Red Oak Grove on 13 Aug 1893.

    Bertha’s mother … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Betsey Holmes

    Betsey Holmes (1800-1860)

    Betsey Holmes was born on 01 Mar 1800 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA as the fifth child of Thomas Holmes and Elizabeth Baldwin. She had seven siblings, namely: Thomas, David, Andrew Billings, Daniel, Sabra, Nelson Baldwin, and Albert Smith Holmes.

    Betsey’s mother, Elizabeth Baldwin Holmes, died on 4 Mar 1810 when Betsey was only ten-years old. Her father remarried later that same year, on 11 Nov 1810, to Nancy Coats. Thomas and Nancy Coats had six children who were half-siblings to Betsey. They were Henry Tyler, Frederick Noyes, Franklin Harris, John Clinton, Charles Burrows, and Mary … Continue reading