Happy Birthday Oliver Selam Boyce

Oliver Selam Boyce (1827-1878)

Oliver Selam Boyce was born on 30 Apr 1827 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire as the fourth child of Adam Boyce and Mary Loverin. He had six siblings, namely: Elias Smith, Achsah Jane, Sophronia Jennette, Sylvanus, Lucinda Hall, and Mary Loverin. He was called Selam.

When he was 30, he married Mary Jane Frost, daughter of Joseph Frost and Caroline Mumford, on 02 Jul 1857 in Massachusetts (New England). She was called Lady.

Oliver Selam Boyce and Mary Jane Frost had the following children:

  • Mary B. Boyce was born on 21 Nov 1860 in … Continue reading
  • Now we’re getting really thirsty – 2017 Rochester Craft Beer Expo is coming very soon

    I was excited a week ago when I started thinking about the event. But now, the program for the 2017 Rochester Craft Beer Expo has been published and the list of beers is available!¹ The excitement builds…

    Hope to see everyone there!

    # Brewery Beer 1 Beer 2 Beer 3 Beer 4 3 Rush River Brewing

    River Falls, WI Unforgiven Amber (5.5% ABV, 25 IBU) Scenic Pale Ale (5% ABV, 25 IBU) Double Bubble IPA (Imperial IPA, 9% ABV, 100 IBU) 4 Odell Brewing

    Fort Collins, CO IPA (7% ABV, 60 IBU) Drumroll Pale Ale (5.3% ABV, 42 … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Martha Eldridge

    Martha Eldridge (1667-<1735)

    Martha Eldridge was born on 20 Apr 1667 in Driffield, Gloucestershire, England as the fourth child of Thomas Eldridge and Amy. She had three siblings, namely: Obediah, Jonathan, and Lydia. When her birth was recorded, old style dates were still being used. At the time, new calendar years started on March 25th. That means that March was considered the first month of the year. Martha was born on the 20th day of the second month of the year, which translates to April 20th.

    When she was 17, she married Daniel Zealy, son of John Sealy and Martha … Continue reading

    We’re getting thirsty – 2017 Rochester Craft Beer Expo is coming soon

    Rochester Craft Beer Expo – 2017

    We are just a couple weeks away from the 2017 Rochester Craft Beer Expo. As I’ve written before, this is always a fun event. Whether you really like beer or don’t think you like beer, it can be a great experience.

    Event Details

    Date and Time

    • Saturday, May 6, 2017
    • 3-6 pm (early admission 2-6 pm)


    • Mayo Civic Center
    • 30 Civic Center Drive SE
    • Rochester, MN


    Happy Birthday Sarah Everett

    Sarah Everett - Cornelius Fisher, marriage.

    Sarah Everett (1644-1677)

    Sarah Everett was born on 12 Apr 1644 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts as the third child of Richard Everett and Mary Winch. She had four full siblings, namely: Abigail, Israel, Ruth, and Jedediah. Her father had been married before he was married to Mary Winch, so Sarah had six half-siblings, namely: Israel, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, and James. Many of these children had died before Sarah was born. For example, she had a sister with the same name who only lived from 14 Mar to 1 April 1641. It was common then to reuse the names of deceased … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Mary Leona Stolp

    Mary Leona Stolp.

    Mary Leona Stolp (1871-1915)

    Mary Leona Stolp was born on 06 Apr 1871 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois as the youngest child of Ludwig Stolp and Catherine Elisabeth Orth. Her parents were immigrants from Germany. She had thirteen siblings, namely: William, Adolph Edward, Amelia, Louis L, Theodore, Louise, Caroline, Julia, John S, and Henry. The names of two others, who died as infants, are not known.

    When she was 26, she married Frank Palmer Miller, son of George Leifheite Miller and Jane Elizabeth Cornell, on 29 Dec 1897 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois.

    Their marriage came just two weeks after … Continue reading