Happy Birthday Mildred Holland

Mildred Holland (1779-1854)

Today is the 238th anniversary of the birth of Mildred Holland. She was called Milly.

I thought about skipping Milly in my series of birthday posts, and to be honest, I started this a year ago and then just couldn’t bring myself to celebrate her birthday in November 2016. But, remembering the trouble that Ben Affleck and Henry Louis Gates got into by leaving out parts of Ben’s family history in his segment on the PBS series, Finding Your Roots, I decided I had to face Milly and tell her story without skipping anything. Plus, while on … Continue reading

Going back 347 years to 15 November 1670

Most days of most lives are “ordinary.” But, our ordinary is likely very different than the ordinary of our ancestors. Though, in some ways things are probably similar. I’m using a random number generator to decide how many years to go back in time.  The intent is to see which ancestors were living, where they lived, the basics of what was going on in their lives, and what was going on in the world around them.


Going back to 1670 has proven to be much more difficult than my first post in this series when we went back to … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Edward Morris III

Edward Morris (1688-1769)

Edward Morris was born on 09 Nov 1688 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the third child, and only son, of Edward Morris and Elizabeth Bowen. He had six siblings, namely: Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Grace, Abigail, Susanna, and Prudence. As a child, he moved with his family to, what is now, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. Back then, it was called Woodstock, Massachusetts. The town was originally within Massachusetts. In 1713, a new survey put the town into Connecticut, but an agreement was made to keep the town under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts.

For this post, I’ve titled him, “Edward … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Joanna Friedericke Streich

Joanna Friedericke Streich (1824-1906)

Joanna Friedericke Streich was born on 08 Nov 1824 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She was baptized in the Lutheran Church on 21 Nov 1824 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She was the fourth child of Johann Friederick Streich and Maria Elizabeth Luise Liesener. She had three siblings, namely: Dorothea Sophia, Maria Louisa, and Gottfried.

When she was 23, Joanna married Gottfried Friederick Draeger, son of Michael Friederick Dräger and Christina Bohn, on 13 Nov 1848 in Evangelical Church, Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She was known as Friedericke and he was known as Friederick.

Gottfried Friederick Draeger and Joanna … Continue reading

Happy Day Peder Christianson Paaverud

Peter Christianson Paaverud was believed to have been born in 1697, but an exact date of birth is not known. This is true for many of our “Christianson” ancestors and one of the reasons that they aren’t getting as much press as members of other families on our tree. But, since there weren’t any other birthdays left to celebrate this week, we’ll recognize Peder with a posting even though it isn’t his birthday.

Peder Christianson Paaverud (1697-    )

Peder Christianson Paaverud was born in 1697 on the Paaverud farm in Flå, Buskerud, Norway as the child of Guri and … Continue reading