Happy Birthday Johann Krueger

Johann Krueger (1841-1911)

I was just texting with a friend earlier this week about how unsuccessful I’ve been at German genealogy. Johann is a good example. Information about his immigration and life in America is known, but I’ve yet to find a trace of his first 27 or so years when he still lived in Europe. The information might be there and I just don’t know how to find it yet. Or, the information may be lost. The town of his birth is now in the country of Poland. Many records from that area were destroyed, especially during World War … Continue reading

Ole Knutson Aldahl

Ole Knutson Aldahl (1814-1890)

Ole Knutson Aldahl was born in 1814 (probably), but we don’t yet know the exact day. It really does drive me nuts that I’ve not been able to find his baptismal record! But, that isn’t going to stop us from celebrating his life…

Ole Knutson Aldahl was born in 1814 on the Aldahl farm in Voss, Evanger, Hordaland, Norway to Knut Olson Aldahl and Jorunn Larsdtr Meland.

When he was 26, he married Ragnild Torkjelsdtr Ofstedal, daughter of Torkjel Johannesson Ovstedal and Marta Knutsdtr Horvei, on 02 Nov 1840 in Voss, Evanger, Hordaland, Norway.

Ole Knutson … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes (1710/11-1796)

Oh Wow! Studying Thomas for this birthday post has certainly unlocked another exciting branch on the tree. It seems that his wife, Fear, was a descendant of Mayflower passengers, John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley. Yes, if you are descended from Thomas, you are a descendant of  folks who came over on the Mayflower, in 1620. It was hard to concentrate on writing about Thomas with this exciting news, but it is his birthday, so he deserves some attention…


But then, while giving Thomas some attention, I found out more about his son Thomas, who was … Continue reading