Happy Birthday Joseph Baldwin

Joseph Baldwin (1751-1844)


Joseph Baldwin was born on 13 Sep 1751 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut as the sixth child of Theophilus Baldwin and Sarah Lamb. He had nine siblings, namely: Thankful, David, Abigail, Sarah, Theophilus, Nathan, Asa, Lucy, and Rebecca. Joseph Baldwin was baptized on 10 May 1752 in North Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

Marriage and Children

When he was 19, Joseph Baldwin married Sabra Billings, daughter of John Billings and Elizabeth Page, on 14 Nov 1770 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

Joseph Baldwin and Sabra Billings had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Baldwin was born on 11 Apr … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Helen Lucina Baldwin

    Helen Lucina Baldwin (1855-1932)

    Helen Lucina Baldwin was born on 05 Sep 1855 in Wisconsin as the fourth child of Philander Baldwin and Charlotte Johnson. She had four siblings, namely: Mary L., Lorena M., Martha A, and Harvey E. We don’t know exactly where in Wisconsin she was born, but when she was five, the family was living at Medina, Dane, Wisconsin.

    It is not clear exactly when Helen ended up in Iowa but it was likely sometime between 1864 and 1869. Two of her older sisters married in Wisconsin in 1861 and 1864, respectively. Her other older … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth Bowen

    Elizabeth Bowen Morris (1661-1743)

    Elizabeth Bowen was born on 26 Jan 1660/61 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the second child of Henry Bowen and Elizabeth Johnson. She had nine siblings, namely: Henry, John, Margaret, Maria, Margaret, Abigail, Penuel, Esther, and Isaac. Elizabeth Bowen was baptized on 27 Jan 1660/1, a day after she was born, in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

    [Before we really get started, here is a note about place names… the names listed are what the places are called now. When Elizabeth was alive we did not have states or even have thirteen colonies. The New World was just being settled … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Charlotte Johnson

    Charlotte Johnson (1820-1904)

    Charlotte Johnson was born on 14 Sep 1820 in Genesee, New York as the first child of Timothy Johnson and Lucretia Brownell. She had eight younger siblings, namely: Henry, Elizabeth, Jane Melissa, Mary, Seymour, Alzina N., Charles, and John Brownell.

    By the time she was about eight years old, her family had moved to the “wild lands” of Montville, Medina County, Ohio. Then, because her father perhaps had an adventurous spirit, Charlotte’s teenage years were interrupted by a move from the relative civility of Ohio to the wilderness of Wisconsin. Timothy Johnson initially left his family behind … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Sabra Billings

    Sabra Billings (1751->1840)

    Sabra Billings was born 265 years ago and lived in a volatile time in American history.

    Birth and Youth

    Sabra Billings was born on 16 Jun 1751 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut as the fifth child of John Billings and Elizabeth Page. She had four siblings, namely: Andrew, Phebe, John, and Daniel.

    Sabra’s father died on 5 February 1761, when Sabra was not yet ten years old.  According to the will, Sabra’s mother was given half of the dwelling house and other buildings and a third of the land owned by the estate to use during her lifetime. … Continue reading