Happy Birthday John Johnson

John Johnson (1698-<1756)

John Johnson was born on 26 Aug 1698 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut as the second child of Isaac Johnson and Margaret Miller. He was baptized two days later. He had eleven siblings, namely: Sarah, Margaret, Isaac, Thomas, Henry, Content, William, Stephen, Tabitha, Mary, and Hannah.

When he was 23, John Johnson married Mary Bow, daughter of Samuel Bow and Mary Turner, on 07 Feb 1721/22 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut. Mary was a widow when she married John. She had three daughters with her previous husband, Arthur Davis, namely, Phebe, Hannah, and Martha Davis. These girls were between … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Timothy Johnson

Timothy Johnson (1792-1871)

Timothy Johnson was born on 28 Jun 1792 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut as the sixth child of Timothy Johnson and Grace Johnson. He had seven siblings, namely: Ebenezer, Grace, Hannah, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Cyrus, and Esther Johnson.

When he was about ten-years old, his family moved from Middletown to Turin, Lewis, New York.

A decade later, the War of 1812 occurred. The war was a conflict between the United States and the British Empire. Sometimes considered the second fight for independence, the War of 1812 started on 18 Jun 1812, a week before Timothy Johnson’s 20th birthday. The … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen Morris (1661-1743)

Elizabeth Bowen was born on 26 Jan 1660/61 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the second child of Henry Bowen and Elizabeth Johnson. She had nine siblings, namely: Henry, John, Margaret, Maria, Margaret, Abigail, Penuel, Esther, and Isaac. Elizabeth Bowen was baptized on 27 Jan 1660/1, a day after she was born, in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

[Before we really get started, here is a note about place names… the names listed are what the places are called now. When Elizabeth was alive we did not have states or even have thirteen colonies. The New World was just being settled … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lucretia Brownell

Lucretia Brownell (1799-1857)

If I had a time travel machine, Lucretia is one of the ancestors that I would go back and visit. Well, or maybe I’d have her join me here in more modern times. I would love to talk to her and get her personal perspective on the events of her life.

Lucretia Brownell was born on 21 Dec 1799 in Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York as the second child of Pierce Brownell and Margaret Spike. She had two siblings, namely: Ezra, and John.

Lucretia’s father died when she was about three-years old. A couple years later, her mother … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Partridge

Elizabeth Partridge (1688-1768)

Elizabeth Partridge was born on 07 Oct 1688 in Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts as the eleventh and youngest child of Samuel Partridge and Mehitable Crow. You have to giggle a little thinking about a Partridge marrying a Crow, right? Elizabeth had ten siblings, namely: William, Samuel, Mehitable, another Mehitable, an unnamed Infant, Mary, Jonathan, Edward, Jonathan, and John.

When she was 20, Elizabeth married John Hamlin, son of John Hamlin, on 03 May 1709 in Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

John Hamlin and Elizabeth Partridge had the following children:

  • Mehitabell Hamlin was born on 06 Feb 1709/10 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut. … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Charlotte Johnson

    Charlotte Johnson (1820-1904)

    Charlotte Johnson was born on 14 Sep 1820 in Genesee, New York as the first child of Timothy Johnson and Lucretia Brownell. She had eight younger siblings, namely: Henry, Elizabeth, Jane Melissa, Mary, Seymour, Alzina N., Charles, and John Brownell.

    By the time she was about eight years old, her family had moved to the “wild lands” of Montville, Medina County, Ohio. Then, because her father perhaps had an adventurous spirit, Charlotte’s teenage years were interrupted by a move from the relative civility of Ohio to the wilderness of Wisconsin. Timothy Johnson initially left his family behind … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Margaret Miller

    Margaret Miller (1676-1764)

    Today we remember Margaret Miller who was born 340 years ago. She was born on 01 Sep 1676 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut as the sixth child of Thomas Miller and Sarah Nettleton. She had seven siblings, namely: Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, John, Sarah, and Mehitable. Margaret also had an older half-sister because her father had been married before and had a daughter from that marriage named Ann.

    Margaret’s father was almost 67-years old when she was born. He was one of the original settlers of Middletown. He was a carpenter, and built and operated the first grist mill in town. … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson (1676/77-1739)


    Joseph Johnson was born 339 years ago today, on 09 Mar 1676/77¹, in Middletown, Connecticut as the fourth child of Isaac Johnson and Mary Harris. He had eight siblings, namely: Isaac, Daniel, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, William, Mary, and Ebenezer.

    Joseph Johnson was baptized on 11 Mar 1676/77 in First Church, Middletown, Connecticut. The church had been established just nine years earlier, in 1668.

    Joseph was born into a world where there were no lines between church and state. Puritanism was the only permitted faith and it controlled every aspect of citizens’ lives. Unlike the Pilgrims who came … Continue reading