Going back 102 years to 18 October 1915

Most days of most lives are “ordinary.” But, our ordinary is likely very different than the ordinary of our ancestors. Though, in some ways things are probably similar. So, this is the first of a series of what will become regular blog posts in which we will go back in time to explore what our ancestors may have been doing on a certain date. This idea was inspired by Roberta Estes’ blog post, On This Day – What Were Your Ancestors Doing? – 52 Ancestors #170. She picked a day and went back 100 years. I’m putting a slightly … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Augusta Baumann

Augusta Baumann (1840-1900)

Augusta Baumann was born on 02 Oct 1840 in Germany as the first child of Gottlieb Gotthilf Baumann and his first wife, whose name we do not yet know. Augusta had three full siblings, namely:  Ferdinand, Carl, and John. When she was about 13-years old, her father remarried, at Plathe (Piepenburg, Heidebreck), Pommern, Preußen to Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine Albertine Koepsell. Gottlieb and Charlotte had four children, half-siblings to Augusta, namely: Ernst, Albert, and twins Julius Herman Bernhard and Wilhelmine Caroline Henriette.

When she was about 25, Augusta Baumann married Johann Krueger about 1866 in Germany. More accurately, they … Continue reading

Philip – Still Loved and Never Forgotten

Philip David Krueger (16 Oct 1990 – 24 Jul 1992)

This is a big milestone, but not an anniversary for celebration. It has been twenty-five years since we lost our Philip to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is still unbelievably sad and heartbreaking. Time passes, but a parent never fully recovers from the loss of a child.

In remembrance of Philip, I’m sharing the following excerpt from the eulogy that his daddy delivered at his funeral.

…Another joy involved a week long camping trip that we took this past 4th of July.  We were staying at a nearby, private campground … Continue reading

DIY Beer Tasting

What to do with all that beer?

A couple months ago, during an extended weekend with family, we decided to have a spur of the moment do it yourself beer tasting. Relatives from Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin had assembled in Minnesota. Lots of craft beer was brought along to share. We faced the dilemma of having many bottles of beer, but very little time to drink them. What better way to get a sampling of all the choices, than to do a beer tasting. So, since we are a family full of statisticians, scientists and technical experts, we needed to make this … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Norman Krueger

Norman Arthur August Krueger (1904-1980)

Norman Arthur August Krueger was born on 22 Nov 1904 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin as the fifth child of Bernhard Richard R Krueger and Frieda H Lemke. Norman’s maternal grandmother, Clara, was a midwife and assisted in his birth. He had five siblings, namely: Sadie Clere, Arnold F, Bernhard R, Irene Clara Anna, and John F. As we learned last week, when we were celebrating Bernhard’s birthday, the family lived in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Norman graduated from high school there in 1923. During high school he was on the agriculture track. He was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bernhard Richard R Krueger

Bernhard Krueger.

Bernhard Richard R Krueger (1873-1927)

Bernhard Richard R Krueger was born on 18 Nov 1873 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin, as the fifth child of Johann Krueger and Augusta Baumann. He had seven siblings, namely: Carl Friedrich Emmanuel, Franz W, Robert Friedrich, Louise, Anna Marie Mathilde, Martha J. E., and Otto Emil A.. When he was a child, his family moved from Dodge County, Wisconsin to the Town of Texas in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

When he was 25, he married Frieda H Lemke, daughter of Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke and Clara Christine Elsabe Freese. They married, in … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Ernestine-Caroline Neuman

Ernestine-Caroline Neuman (1811-1873)

Ernestine-Caroline Neuman was born on 23 Sep 1811 in Posen, Prussia, Germany. The names of her parents are not yet known.

When she was about 21 years-old, she married Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber, son of Fehlhaber and Mary, in Posen, Prussia, Germany.

Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber and Ernestine-Caroline Neuman had the following children:

  • August Fehlhaber was born on 05 Sep 1833 in Germany. He died on 02 Apr 1922 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin (Town of Berlin/Town of Berlin/Town of Berlin). He married Emelie Plish on 03 Aug 1862 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin (Town of Berlin/Town of Berlin).
  • Ottelie Emilie … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner

    Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner (1874-1968)

    Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner was born on 03 Aug 1874 in the Town of Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin as the third child of Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner and Bertha Auguste Henriette Kluender. He had eleven siblings, namely: Heinrich Frederick Franz, Carl Albert Emil, Otto Emil Valentine, Martha Anna Mathilda, Edward Albert Reinhart, Bertha Hulda Marie, Henry Herman Heinrich, Laura Amalia Henrietta, Frank George Wilhelm Bernard, Samuel Conrad George, and Hulda Amanda Alvina. Known as Fred, he grew up on the family farm and attended school through seventh grade.

    When he was 28, Fred married Alice Rosalie … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Sally

    Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner (1904-1983)

    Happy Birthday Sally!

    Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner was born on 07 May 1904 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin, 112 years ago today. She was the first child of Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner and Alice Rosalie Fehlhaber. She had one sibling, namely: Frederick Carl Aschbrenner. Sadly, Freddy died at age 27.

    She was called Sally.

    Sally grew up on her parents’ farm in the Town of Berlin in rural Marathon County, Wisconsin. In order to attend high school, she left home to live with her Uncle Ed and aunt Laura Aschbrenner. She was the valedictorian of Wausau … Continue reading

    Is there curling in their DNA?

    No athletic ability passed down to me

    I have never given much thought to athletics in my family history. I personally have no skill in that area whatsoever. I’ve never met a sport that couldn’t make me cry. I was always picked last in gym class and I don’t blame the people doing the picking. I hated playing dodge ball (which we played every single day in sixth grade) and always tried to get hit right away so that I could be out. In high school, my normally patient friend, who was a member of the girl’s golf team, took me along … Continue reading