Happy Birthday Halvor Stemson

Halvor Stemson (1835-1927)

Halvor Stemson was born on 14 Feb 1835 in Nes i Hallingdal, Buskerud, Norway (Stolsdokken) as the fourth child of Stengrim Halvorsen and Kristi Knudsdr. He had ten siblings, namely: Barbo, Anne, Margit, Barbro, Guri, Aasa, Kari, Knut, Thora, and Magrethe. Halvor Stemson was baptized on 22 Mar 1835 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway (Gol Parish). He was confirmed in the Lutheran faith on 30 Jun 1850 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. His last name was sometimes listed at Stemgrimson or Stenson or variations thereof.

Halvor first married Ingeborg Myraset in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. They had a couple children who … Continue reading

Going back 102 years to 18 October 1915

Most days of most lives are “ordinary.” But, our ordinary is likely very different than the ordinary of our ancestors. Though, in some ways things are probably similar. So, this is the first of a series of what will become regular blog posts in which we will go back in time to explore what our ancestors may have been doing on a certain date. This idea was inspired by Roberta Estes’ blog post, On This Day – What Were Your Ancestors Doing? – 52 Ancestors #170. She picked a day and went back 100 years. I’m putting a slightly … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bertha H. Stemson

Bertha H. Stemson (1877-1968)

Bertha H. Stemson was born on 05 Mar 1877 in Newry, Freeborn, Minnesota as the eighth child of Halvor Stemson and Birgit Nilsdtr Lostegaard. Her parents were Norwegian immigrants. Bertha had eleven siblings, namely: Ingeborg, Barbra, Christina, Nels, Sam, Carl, Carl Gilbert, Berthena Olivia, Julia Helene, Henry Bennett, and Ole Edwin. Bertha H. Stemson was baptized on 29 Mar 1877 in Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church, Austin, Mower, Minnesota. She was baptized Barbro, but was known as Bertha, the American version of the name. She was confirmed at Red Oak Grove on 13 Aug 1893.

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Happy Birthday Birgit Lostegaard

Birgit Nilsdtr Lostegaard (1843-1887)


Birgit Nilsdtr Lostegaard was born on 23 Feb 1843 on the Lostegaard farm in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. She was the ninth child of Nils Olson Ro Lostegaard and Barbo Eriksdatter Lostegaard. She had eleven siblings, namely: Barbo, Birgit, Ola Nilson, Ragnhild Nilsdatter, Ingeborg Nilsdtr, Birgit, Barbo, Erick Nilsson, Gunhild, Tolliev Nilsson, and Ole. Birgit was baptized on 25 Feb 1843 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway.


When she was 21, she married Halvor Stemson on 21 Apr 1864 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. He was the son of Stengrim Halvorsen and Kristi Knudsdr.


Birgit and Halvor started … Continue reading