Happy Birthday Carl F Fehlhaber

Carl F. Fehlhaber (1845-1922)

Carl F. Fehlhaber was born on 11 Feb 1845 in Posen, Prussia, Germany as the fifth child of Carl Friedrich Fehlhaber and Ernestine-Caroline Neuman. He had five siblings, namely: August, Ottelie Emilie, Herman, William F., and Augusta.

Carl’s youth was spent in Prossekel, Kreis Filehne, which was then in the Posen part of Prussia. The area is now a part of Poland. The town of Prossekel is now called Przesieki.

When he was 11-years old, his parents moved the family from their native town of Prosekel, across the Atlantic ocean, to America. They sailed from Bremen on … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Georg Adam Stadler

Georg Adam Stadler (1804-1864)

Georg Adam Stadler was born on 08 Dec 1804 in Mörtelstein, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and baptized a day later in the Lutheran Church. He was the second child of Johann Georg Kaspar Stadler and Anna Barbara Gerhard. He had three siblings, namely: Johann Philipp, Philipp Heinrich, and Catharina Rosina.

When he was 29, he married Katharina Barbara Muench, daughter of Johann Georg Muench and Margaretha Baier, on 29 Dec 1833 in Mörtelstein, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Georg Adam Stadler and Katharina Barbara Muench had the following children:

  • Johann Adam Stadler was born on 25 Jul 1834 in … Continue reading
  • Going back 347 years to 15 November 1670

    Most days of most lives are “ordinary.” But, our ordinary is likely very different than the ordinary of our ancestors. Though, in some ways things are probably similar. I’m using a random number generator to decide how many years to go back in time.  The intent is to see which ancestors were living, where they lived, the basics of what was going on in their lives, and what was going on in the world around them.


    Going back to 1670 has proven to be much more difficult than my first post in this series when we went back to … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Frieda Lemke

    This week we remember Frieda Lemke who was born 135 years ago today.


    Henriette Clara Frieda Lemke was born on 11 February 1881 in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. She was the first child for Clara Christine Elsabe Freese and Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke. As a very young child, she and her mother departed from Hamburg, Germany on 23 August 1882. They arrived in New York on 7 September 1882. Her father had traveled to America ahead of his family. They first lived at Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but then settled in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin.

    Clara and Carl had seven more … Continue reading