Aschbrenner Family

A preview version of the upcoming book, “The Aschbrenner Family” is now available. A previous version of this book was put together in 2013, but was never made available in hard copy. This preview version has only minor updates to that 2013 edition.

A complete refresh and revision of the book will be available in the future (probably 2019 or 2020). But for those who can’t wait, this preview version has been quickly made available.

This preview book is now available in either hard cover or paperback.

(What does a preview version mean? This book does not meet my current quality standards, for example, it has not been thoroughly edited, it does not have an index, and there are descendants who are not appropriately covered. But, it does include a lot of information on the Aschbrenner family that has been collected over decades of work.)


Where are they in the tree?

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