Happy Birthday Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner

Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner (1839-1935)

Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner was born on 14 Feb 1839 in Hansfelde, Posen, Prussia as the second child of Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner and Wilhelmina Mathwich. He had five siblings, namely: Gustav Edward, Adolph Friedrich Wilhelm, Herman August Ernest, Mathilda Alvine, and Albertina A. Aschbrenner. Hansfelde is now called Gieczynek, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

In Prussia, Frederick began apprenticing as a tailor. But, August Kopplin, a relative who had immigrated to America, encouraged others to come. Frederick’s parents sold their farm for less than it was worth and brought their family to American in 1856, when Frederick was a teenager. The … Continue reading

Going back 102 years to 18 October 1915

Most days of most lives are “ordinary.” But, our ordinary is likely very different than the ordinary of our ancestors. Though, in some ways things are probably similar. So, this is the first of a series of what will become regular blog posts in which we will go back in time to explore what our ancestors may have been doing on a certain date. This idea was inspired by Roberta Estes’ blog post, On This Day – What Were Your Ancestors Doing? – 52 Ancestors #170. She picked a day and went back 100 years. I’m putting a slightly … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner

Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner (1810-1885)

Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner was born on 19 Oct 1810 in Posen, Prussia, Germany as the child of Friedrich August Aschbrenner.

When he was about 26, he married Wilhelmina Mathwich, daughter of Anna Marie and Daniel Mathwich, about 1837 in Hansfelde, Posen, Prussia.

Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner and Wilhelmina Mathwich had the following children:

  • Gustav Edward Aschbrenner was born on 21 Sep 1837 in Hansfelde, Posen, Prussia.  He married Johanna Fenhaus on 27 Jun 1866 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin. He married Emilie Friedricke Caroline Graveen on 19 Sep 1867 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin. He married Johanne Caroline Wilhelmine … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner

    Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner (1874-1968)

    Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner was born on 03 Aug 1874 in the Town of Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin as the third child of Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner and Bertha Auguste Henriette Kluender. He had eleven siblings, namely: Heinrich Frederick Franz, Carl Albert Emil, Otto Emil Valentine, Martha Anna Mathilda, Edward Albert Reinhart, Bertha Hulda Marie, Henry Herman Heinrich, Laura Amalia Henrietta, Frank George Wilhelm Bernard, Samuel Conrad George, and Hulda Amanda Alvina. Known as Fred, he grew up on the family farm and attended school through seventh grade.

    When he was 28, Fred married Alice Rosalie … Continue reading

    Ancestors of Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner

    Outline Ancestor Report for Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner

    1 Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner (1904 – 1983)

    —2 Frederick A Helmut Aschbrenner (1874 – 1968)

    ——3 Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner (1839 – 1935)

    ———4 Friedrich Samuel Aschbrenner (1810 – 1885)

    ————5 Friedrich August Aschbrenner (about 1785 – )

    ———4 Wilhelmina Mathwich (1817 – 1899)

    ————5 Daniel Mathwich

    ————5 Anna Marie

    ——3 Bertha Auguste Henriette Kluender (1848 – 1936)

    ———4 Heinrich Klünder (1810 – before 1878)

    ———4 Louise Prechel (1817 – 1903)

    ———4 J. Ludwig Zamzow (1824 – 1907)

    ————5 Johann Zamzow

    ————5 Christine Schroder

    ———4 Ottelie Emilie Fehlhaber (1836 – … Continue reading

    Aschbrenner Family

    A preview version of the upcoming book, “The Aschbrenner Family” is now available. A previous version of this book was put together in 2013, but was never made available in hard copy. This preview version has only minor updates to that 2013 edition.

    A complete refresh and revision of the book will be available in the future (probably 2019 or 2020). But for those who can’t wait, this preview version has been quickly made available.

    This preview book is now available in either hard cover or paperback.

    (What does a preview version mean? This book does not meet my current quality standards, for example, it has not been thoroughly edited, it does not have an index, and there are descendants who are not appropriately covered. … Continue reading