Happy Birthday Jacob W. Phillips

Jacob W. Phillips (1781-1847)

Jacob W. Phillips was born on 27 Sep 1781 in Claverack, Columbia, New York as the first child of Wilhelmus Philip and Magdelena Ostrander. He had seven siblings, namely: Margrit, Petrus, Johannes, Wiliam, Sarah, Beata, and Anna Barbara. Jacob was baptized on 07 Oct 1781 in Claverack, Columbia, New York at the Reformed Dutch Church.

When he was 19, Jacob married Christina Dodge, daughter of Peregrine Dodge and Louisa Head, on 23 Jun 1801 in Claverack, Columbia, New York.

Jacob W. Phillips and Christina Dodge had the following children:

  • William James Phillips was born on 01 Dec … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Joseph Baldwin

    Joseph Baldwin (1751-1844)


    Joseph Baldwin was born on 13 Sep 1751 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut as the sixth child of Theophilus Baldwin and Sarah Lamb. He had nine siblings, namely: Thankful, David, Abigail, Sarah, Theophilus, Nathan, Asa, Lucy, and Rebecca. Joseph Baldwin was baptized on 10 May 1752 in North Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

    Marriage and Children

    When he was 19, Joseph Baldwin married Sabra Billings, daughter of John Billings and Elizabeth Page, on 14 Nov 1770 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

    Joseph Baldwin and Sabra Billings had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Baldwin was born on 11 Apr … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Betsey Holmes

    Betsey Holmes (1800-1860)

    Betsey Holmes was born on 01 Mar 1800 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA as the fifth child of Thomas Holmes and Elizabeth Baldwin. She had seven siblings, namely: Thomas, David, Andrew Billings, Daniel, Sabra, Nelson Baldwin, and Albert Smith Holmes.

    Betsey’s mother, Elizabeth Baldwin Holmes, died on 4 Mar 1810 when Betsey was only ten-years old. Her father remarried later that same year, on 11 Nov 1810, to Nancy Coats. Thomas and Nancy Coats had six children who were half-siblings to Betsey. They were Henry Tyler, Frederick Noyes, Franklin Harris, John Clinton, Charles Burrows, and Mary … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Albert Phillips

    Albert “Tom” Aveldo Phillips (1841-1925)

    Albert Aveldo Phillips was born on 26 Dec 1841 in Sugar Grove, Kane, Illinois as the third child of Jacob W Phillips and Betsey Holmes. He had two siblings, namely: Francis Jerome, and Harriet Eliza. However, both of his parents had been married and widowed before being married to each other, so Tom was actually the youngest of his father’s 12 children and the youngest of his mother’s siblings. Besides Francis Jerome and Harriet Eliza Phillips, Tom’s siblings included William James Phillips, Elizabeth Sophia Phillips, Lena Marie Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Lucy Caroline Phillips, … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Sabra Billings

    Sabra Billings (1751->1840)

    Sabra Billings was born 265 years ago and lived in a volatile time in American history.

    Birth and Youth

    Sabra Billings was born on 16 Jun 1751 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut as the fifth child of John Billings and Elizabeth Page. She had four siblings, namely: Andrew, Phebe, John, and Daniel.

    Sabra’s father died on 5 February 1761, when Sabra was not yet ten years old.  According to the will, Sabra’s mother was given half of the dwelling house and other buildings and a third of the land owned by the estate to use during her lifetime. … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Thomas Holmes

    Thomas Holmes (1744-    )

    Oh Thomas! This 272nd birthday greeting is difficult…

    There isn’t much known about Thomas and the sources are sparse. What has been written raises a lot of questions. I tried to find someone else celebrating a birthday on this day so I could skip Thomas, but had no luck. I wish I was famous and on one of those genealogy shows like Finding Your Roots or Who Do You Think You Are? so that I could be whisked away to a dusty library somewhere and a friendly historian would … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Hannah Miner

    Hannah Miner (1671-~1708)


    Hannah Miner was born on 21 Apr 1671 as the third child of Ephraim Miner and Hannah Avery in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. She had eleven siblings, namely: Ephraim, Thomas, Rebecca, Samuel, Deborah, Samuel, James, Grace, John, Son, and Daughter. Hannah was baptized 16 June 1672 in New London, Connecticut. Her brothers Thomas and Ephraim were baptized the same day.

    The Miner surname is often spelled Minor and the two spellings seem to have been used interchangeably during Hannah’s lifetime.

    Marriage and Children

    When she was 19, Hannah married Samuel Frink, son of John Frink and … Continue reading