Happy Birthday Betty Hall

Betty Hall (1768-1848)

Betty Hall was born on 05 Jul 1768 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts as the eighth child of Edward Hall and Lydia Brown. She had nine siblings, namely: Hannah, Ezekiel, Abijah, James, Edward, John, Lydia, Ezra, and Darius. Betty was baptized on 4 Sep 1768 at Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Her father moved the family to New Hampshire during the American Revolution.

When she was 17, Betty Hall married John Loverin, son of Ebenezer Lovering and Lydia, on 16 Jun 1786 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire.

John Loverin and Betty Hall had the following children:

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  • Happy Birthday Sarah Everett

    Sarah Everett - Cornelius Fisher, marriage.

    Sarah Everett (1644-1677)

    Sarah Everett was born on 12 Apr 1644 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts as the third child of Richard Everett and Mary Winch. She had four full siblings, namely: Abigail, Israel, Ruth, and Jedediah. Her father had been married before he was married to Mary Winch, so Sarah had six half-siblings, namely: Israel, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, and James. Many of these children had died before Sarah was born. For example, she had a sister with the same name who only lived from 14 Mar to 1 April 1641. It was common then to reuse the names of deceased … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Mary Loverin

    Loverin-Boyce, marriage record.

    Mary Loverin (1792-1884)

    With the help of a family bible, an application for an 1812 War Pension, and the memoir of her granddaughter, Gertrude Lovin Boyce Phillips, we can get a glimpse into “Polly” Loverin Boyce’s  life as she lived in New Hampshire and Vermont and finally on a farm in Illinois.

    Mary Loverin was born on 01 Feb 1792 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire as the fourth child of John Loverin and Betty Hall. She had ten siblings, namely: Eunice, Aehsa, Kimbell, Caleb, Betty, Eunice, Hannah Hall, Lydia Hall, John Caleb, and Loisa Jane Printice. Mary Loverin … Continue reading

    Ancestors of Floyd Boyce Phillips

    Outline Ancestor Report for Floyd Boyce Phillips

    1 Floyd Boyce Phillips (1891 – 1971)

    —2 Guy Allison Phillips (1866 – 1940)

    ——3 Albert Aveldo Phillips (1841 – 1925)

    ———4 Jacob W Phillips (1781 – between 10 Aug 1847 and 27 Aug 1847)

    ————5 Wilhelmus Philip (1749 – before 1810)

    —————6 Jacob Philip (about 1715 – )

    ——————7 Peter Philips

    ——————7 Magdalena

    —————6 Barbara Groat (about 1717 – )

    ——————7 Johannes Groat

    ——————7 Johanna Walpurga (about 1684 – )

    ————5 Magdelena Ostrander (about 1760 – between 1840 and 1846)

    ———4 Betsey Holmes (1800 – 1860)

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    Happy Birthday John Loverin

    John Loverin (1762-1843)

    It has been written that the most interesting parts of a person’s life were the parts that fell in the “-” between their dates on a tombstone. John Loverin, like a lot of our ancestors, didn’t leave us a lot of clues to what went on in his life. There is likely much, much, much more to know than what is documented below. Maybe someday more of the story will reveal itself, but for now, we celebrate him by reviewing what we do know about his life.


    254 years ago, John Loverin was born on 07 Apr 1762 in Exeter, Rockingham, New … Continue reading

    Phillips Family


    Millie and Tom Phillips Family. Back, from left, Frank, Edmund, Guy, Harold, Faye. Front, from left, Clarence, Amelia “Millie,” Albert “Tom,” and Charles.


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