Happy Birthday Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset

Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset (1848-1940)

Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset was born on 09 Mar 1848 in Endredokken, Skar, Hemsedal, Norway as the only child of Engebret Asleson Torset and Berget Ingvalsdtr Grondal. Her mother was a widow when she married Barebo’s dad. So, Barebo had four half-siblings as a result of the marriage of Berget Ingalsdtr Grondal and Endre Oddmundson Oygarde. The siblings were Barebo Endresdtr, Ingvar Endreson, Kari Endreson and Oddmund Endreson (who had died before Barebo’s birth).

Barebo Engebretsdtr Torset was baptized on 26 Mar 1848 in Gol Parish. She was confirmed in the Lutheran faith.  Note that her name has … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Margaret Olga Aldahl!

Margaret Aldahl.

Margaret Olga Aldahl (1902-1972)

Margaret Olga Aldahl was born on 21 Jan 1902 at home in Lansing, Mower, Minnesota as the eleventh child of Lars Olson Aldahl and Caroline Hilson. She had eleven siblings, namely: Johanna Ragnila, George Oscar, Clara Marie, Selmer Ludvig, Ida Bertina, Hilda Melvina, Judith Ronellie “Nellie,” Olga Mathilda (who died young), Noel Clarence Ruben, Joseph Tilman, and Martha Cornelia. Margaret was baptized as an infant on 20 Apr 1902 in Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church, Austin, Mower, Minnesota. She was confirmed on 11 Nov 1917 in Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church. She grew up on the … Continue reading

The Christianson book is ready

I am very excited to announce that my book, “The Christianson Family,” is now available. I started work on the book exactly a year ago and after hundreds of hours of work, many interruptions, and some exciting new discoveries, I am finally finished!

This book traces the descendants of Ole Thorson Tollefsgardie who was born about 1777 in Flå, Buskerud, Norway. These descendants number in the thousands, have lived in far corners of the world, and have been known by many different surnames. Extended biographies are included for the families of Ole Thorson Tollefsgardie; his son, Christian Oleson Rukke; his … Continue reading

Is there curling in their DNA?

No athletic ability passed down to me

I have never given much thought to athletics in my family history. I personally have no skill in that area whatsoever. I’ve never met a sport that couldn’t make me cry. I was always picked last in gym class and I don’t blame the people doing the picking. I hated playing dodge ball (which we played every single day in sixth grade) and always tried to get hit right away so that I could be out. In high school, my normally patient friend, who was a member of the girl’s golf team, took me along … Continue reading