Happy Birthday Samuel Russell

Samuel Russell (1733-~1801)

Today is the 283rd  anniversary of the birth of Samuel Russell. Born on 17 May 1733, he was already the third generation of his family to be born in America. Yes, our family definitely has some deep roots here. Samuel’s great-grandfather had been an immigrant from England as part of the Great Migration and his grandfather had moved the family from Massachusetts to Connecticut.

Samuel Russell was the second child of Jonathan Russell and Mehitable Wolcott. He had seven siblings, namely: Elijah, Martha, Daniel, Abigail, Soloman, Elisha, and Sarah. He was baptized on 20 May 1733 in Wethersfield, Hartford, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes (1744-    )

Oh Thomas! This 272nd birthday greeting is difficult…

There isn’t much known about Thomas and the sources are sparse. What has been written raises a lot of questions. I tried to find someone else celebrating a birthday on this day so I could skip Thomas, but had no luck. I wish I was famous and on one of those genealogy shows like Finding Your Roots or Who Do You Think You Are? so that I could be whisked away to a dusty library somewhere and a friendly historian would … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Hannah Miner

Hannah Miner (1671-~1708)


Hannah Miner was born on 21 Apr 1671 as the third child of Ephraim Miner and Hannah Avery in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. She had eleven siblings, namely: Ephraim, Thomas, Rebecca, Samuel, Deborah, Samuel, James, Grace, John, Son, and Daughter. Hannah was baptized 16 June 1672 in New London, Connecticut. Her brothers Thomas and Ephraim were baptized the same day.

The Miner surname is often spelled Minor and the two spellings seem to have been used interchangeably during Hannah’s lifetime.

Marriage and Children

When she was 19, Hannah married Samuel Frink, son of John Frink and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jonathan Rockwell, Jr.

Jonathan Rockwell, Jr. (1711-1784)


This is the 305th anniversary of the birth of Jonathan Rockwell, Jr. He was born 31 March 1711 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut as the fourth child of Jonathan Rockwell and Abigail Camfield. He had three siblings, namely: Benjamin, John, and David. His family moved to Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut when he was young. His father was one of the original land owners there.

Marriage and Children

When he was 22, he married Esther in Oct 1733 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

Jonathan Rockwell Jr. and Esther had the following children:

Happy Birthday Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson (1676/77-1739)


Joseph Johnson was born 339 years ago today, on 09 Mar 1676/77¹, in Middletown, Connecticut as the fourth child of Isaac Johnson and Mary Harris. He had eight siblings, namely: Isaac, Daniel, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, William, Mary, and Ebenezer.

Joseph Johnson was baptized on 11 Mar 1676/77 in First Church, Middletown, Connecticut. The church had been established just nine years earlier, in 1668.

Joseph was born into a world where there were no lines between church and state. Puritanism was the only permitted faith and it controlled every aspect of citizens’ lives. Unlike the Pilgrims who came … Continue reading