Happy Birthday Johann Krueger

Johann Krueger (1841-1911)

I was just texting with a friend earlier this week about how unsuccessful I’ve been at German genealogy. Johann is a good example. Information about his immigration and life in America is known, but I’ve yet to find a trace of his first 27 or so years when he still lived in Europe. The information might be there and I just don’t know how to find it yet. Or, the information may be lost. The town of his birth is now in the country of Poland. Many records from that area were destroyed, especially during World War … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Augusta Baumann

Augusta Baumann (1840-1900)

Augusta Baumann was born on 02 Oct 1840 in Germany as the first child of Gottlieb Gotthilf Baumann and his first wife, whose name we do not yet know. Augusta had three full siblings, namely:  Ferdinand, Carl, and John. When she was about 13-years old, her father remarried, at Plathe (Piepenburg, Heidebreck), Pommern, Preußen to Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine Albertine Koepsell. Gottlieb and Charlotte had four children, half-siblings to Augusta, namely: Ernst, Albert, and twins Julius Herman Bernhard and Wilhelmine Caroline Henriette.

When she was about 25, Augusta Baumann married Johann Krueger about 1866 in Germany. More accurately, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bernhard Richard R Krueger

Bernhard Krueger.

Bernhard Richard R Krueger (1873-1927)

Bernhard Richard R Krueger was born on 18 Nov 1873 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin, as the fifth child of Johann Krueger and Augusta Baumann. He had seven siblings, namely: Carl Friedrich Emmanuel, Franz W, Robert Friedrich, Louise, Anna Marie Mathilde, Martha J. E., and Otto Emil A.. When he was a child, his family moved from Dodge County, Wisconsin to the Town of Texas in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

When he was 25, he married Frieda H Lemke, daughter of Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke and Clara Christine Elsabe Freese. They married, … Continue reading

Ancestors of Norman Arthur August Krueger

Outline Ancestor Report for Norman Arthur August Krueger

1 Norman Arthur August Krueger (1904 – 1980)

—2 Bernhard Richard R Krueger (1873 – 1927)

——3 Johann Krueger (1841 – 1911)

——3 Augusta Baumann (1840 – 1900)

———4 Gottlieb Gotthilf Baumann (1817 – 1903)


—2 Frieda H Lemke (1881 – 1926)

——3 Johann Carl Friedrich Lemke (1845 – after 1896)

———4 Heinrich Lemke ( – before 1880)

——–4 Freiedericke Stroede

——3 Clara Christine Elsabe Freese (1859 – 1943)

———4 Johannes Freese (1830 – 1898)

———4 Arleda Walhoefer (1837 – 1873)

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Krueger Family

The Krueger book is now available. This book covers our Krueger ancestry. Johann and Augusta Krueger left their native Germany to settle in Wisconsin. The book traces four generations of descendants of the immigrants. The stories of the families of their son Bernhard and their grandson Norman are told in detail.

The book is available for purchase in either hard cover $$ or paperback $ format.


Profiles … Continue reading