William Riley Estes

William Riley Estes (1833-1880)

William Riley Estes was born in 1833 (or so) in Callaway, Missouri, USA as the first child of John Estes and Jane. He had four siblings, namely: James A., Moses Patrick, Thomas H. B., and Mary Elizabeth.

Sadly, sometime in his late teens, William’s mother passed away. His father remarried to Cynthia Ann Martin on 30 Jan 1853.

When he was 22, William Riley Estes married Margaret A. O’Donnell, daughter of Thomas C. O’Donnell and Martha Canterbury, on 26 Aug 1855 in Callaway, Missouri.


William Riley Estes and Margaret A. O’Donnell had the following children:

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Going back 75 years to 13 December 1942

Most days of most lives are “ordinary.” But, our ordinary is likely very different than the ordinary of our ancestors. Though, in some ways things are probably similar. I’m using a random number generator to decide how many years to go back in time.  The intent is to see which ancestors were living, where they lived, the basics of what was going on in their lives, and what was going on in the world around them.

13 December 2017 – Wednesday

Here in 2017, we are counting down the days to Christmas. In Southern Minnesota, we only have a dusting of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mildred Holland

Mildred Holland (1779-1854)

Today is the 238th anniversary of the birth of Mildred Holland. She was called Milly.

I thought about skipping Milly in my series of birthday posts, and to be honest, I started this a year ago and then just couldn’t bring myself to celebrate her birthday in November 2016. But, remembering the trouble that Ben Affleck and Henry Louis Gates got into by leaving out parts of Ben’s family history in his segment on the PBS series, Finding Your Roots, I decided I had to face Milly and tell her story without skipping anything. Plus, while on … Continue reading

Farris Will Not Swing for A While

There was a man named John Farris…

Nearly every week, a mystery is solved or some interesting twig (or nut) appears somewhere on the family tree. Here is a little news of recent findings.

At first glance, one might think that John Farris was just another guy in our extended family tree

John J. Farris was born on 11 Feb 1854 in Isabel, Fulton, Illinois as the second child of John Knight Farris and Mary Frances Pollitt. He had six siblings, namely: Deborah, William Knight, Edwin Thomas, Mary Emma, Amanda J., and Eliza.

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Happy Birthday Thomas Leland Estes

Thomas Leland Estes (1896-1968)

Nearly every minute of my “family history” free time since August 2016 has been spent working on writing an Estes book. So, Thomas Leland Estes and his ancestors have been in my thoughts a lot. What an interesting family history to study!  Please join me in remembering my Grandpa Tom.

Thomas Leland Estes was born on 28 Mar 1896 in Castana, Monona, Iowa as the fifth child of John Thomas Estes and Zelpha Lou McCall. He had five siblings, namely: Gussie Ann, Robert C., Ida Mildred, Herman Patrick, and James Andrew. He was called Tom. When he … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Zilpha Hodges

Zilpha and Peter McCall children: Sam, Mary, James and Robert.

Zilpha Hodges (1807-1884)

Zilpha Hodges was born on 18 Jan 1807 in Franklin, Virginia as the second child of Rebecca and John “Redhead” Hodges. She had one sibling, namely: Gabriel. Not much is known about her childhood. It is quite likely that she had additional siblings. There was more than one man in the neighborhood with the same name as her father and the records for Virginia are sparse, so we can only hope that her early years were happy ones.

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Happy Birthday Samual Christopher McCall

Samual Christopher McCall

Samual Christopher McCall (1833-1922)

Samual Christopher McCall was born on 18 Jan 1833 in Franklin County, Virginia as the third child of Peter Holland McCall and Zilpha Hodges. He was born on his mother’s 26th birthday. Sam had six siblings, namely: John William, Robert Henry, Nancy Ann, Thomas Alexander, Mary Mildred, and James Franklin.

When Sam was about six years old, Peter and Zilpha moved their family from Virginia to Auxvasse Township, Callaway County, Missouri. So, Sam did most of his growing up in the relative wilderness of Missouri. A lot of the extended McCall family had also made the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday John M Meador

John M Meador (1734-1824)


John M. Meador was born on 14 Jul 1734 in Goochland, Virginia as the fifth child of Jonas Meador and Frances E. Anderson (or Hudgens). He had eight siblings, namely: Joel W., Jonas, Mary, Frances, Josiah, Jehu, Joab, and Jesse.

Marriage and Children

About 1753, when he was about 18, John married Jane Holloway, daughter of John Holloway and Hannah Spiers.

John M. Meador and Jane Holloway had the following children:

  • Joel Meador was born on 15 Jun 1756 in Virginia. He died after 1824.
  • Mary Meador was born on 05 Jul 1757 in Virginia.  She married … Continue reading
  • Ancestors of Thomas Leland Estes

    Outline Ancestor Report for Thomas Leland Estes

    1 Thomas Leland Estes (1896 – 1968)

    —2 John Thomas Estes (1856 – 1947)

    ——3 William Riley Estes (1833 – 1880)

    ———4 John Estes (about 1800 – 1860)

    ————5 Moses Estes (before 1775 – 1815)

    —————6 John Estes (1738 – ~1825)

    ——————7 Moses Estes Sr. (1710 – 1788)

    ———————8 Abraham Estes (1647 – 1720)

    ————————9 Sylvester Estes (1596 – before 1649)

    —————————10 Robert Estes (about 1555 – 1616)

    ——————————11 Sylvester Estes (about 1522 – 1579)

    ———————————12 Nicholas Estes (about 1495 – 1533)

    ———————————12 Anny

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    Happy Birthday John Thomas Estes

    John Thomas Estes (1856-1947)

    Birth and Youth

    John Thomas Estes was born on 07 May 1856 in Steedman, Callaway, Missouri as the first child of William Riley Estes and Margaret A. O’Donnell. He had four siblings, namely: James H.B., Anna Eliza, Moses Patton Barnett, and Laura Alice.

    He was sometimes known as J.T.

    His mother died in about 1865 when he was around nine years old. His dad remarried to Sally Hill and had two more daughters, Ida and Augusta.

    John Thomas always claimed that he had run away from home when he was a teenager because he didn’t like … Continue reading