William Riley Estes

William Riley Estes (1833-1880)

William Riley Estes was born in 1833 (or so) in Callaway, Missouri, USA as the first child of John Estes and Jane. He had four siblings, namely: James A., Moses Patrick, Thomas H. B., and Mary Elizabeth.

Sadly, sometime in his late teens, William’s mother passed away. His father remarried to Cynthia Ann Martin on 30 Jan 1853.

When he was 22, William Riley Estes married Margaret A. O’Donnell, daughter of Thomas C. O’Donnell and Martha Canterbury, on 26 Aug 1855 in Callaway, Missouri.


William Riley Estes and Margaret A. O’Donnell had the following children:

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Ancestors of Thomas Leland Estes

Outline Ancestor Report for Thomas Leland Estes

1 Thomas Leland Estes (1896 – 1968)

—2 John Thomas Estes (1856 – 1947)

——3 William Riley Estes (1833 – 1880)

———4 John Estes (about 1800 – 1860)

————5 Moses Estes (before 1775 – 1815)

—————6 John Estes (1738 – ~1825)

——————7 Moses Estes Sr. (1710 – 1788)

———————8 Abraham Estes (1647 – 1720)

————————9 Sylvester Estes (1596 – before 1649)

—————————10 Robert Estes (about 1555 – 1616)

——————————11 Sylvester Estes (about 1522 – 1579)

———————————12 Nicholas Estes (about 1495 – 1533)

———————————12 Anny

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Happy Birthday John Thomas Estes

John Thomas Estes (1856-1947)

Birth and Youth

John Thomas Estes was born on 07 May 1856 in Steedman, Callaway, Missouri as the first child of William Riley Estes and Margaret A. O’Donnell. He had four siblings, namely: James H.B., Anna Eliza, Moses Patton Barnett, and Laura Alice.

He was sometimes known as J.T.

His mother died in about 1865 when he was around nine years old. His dad remarried to Sally Hill and had two more daughters, Ida and Augusta.

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Estes Family

1914 ca JT Estes family

John Thomas Estes (seated) with his children, from left, James, Gussie, Ida, Herman, Bob, and Tom, circa 1914.

Pedigree Chart

The Estes Family Tree traces the ancestors of Thomas Leland Estes back from Minnesota to Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, and Europe. It takes us back to Charlemagne and ancient kings, but beware that the farther … Continue reading