Happy Birthday Gertrude Lovin Boyce

Gertrude Lovin Boyce.

Gertrude Lovin Boyce  (1865-1957)

Gertrude has made it easy for us to know about her life. She not only wrote a lengthy memoir towards the end of her life, but also studied her parents’ ledger book and left us a brief narrative of their lives.

Gertrude Lovin Boyce was born on 23 May 1865 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the second child of Oliver Selam Boyce and Mary Jane Frost. She had one sibling, namely: Mary B. Boyce. When Gertrude was young, the family moved from Massachusetts to Blackberry Township, Kane, Illinois.

As she told us, above, in her own words, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Oliver Selam Boyce

Oliver Selam Boyce (1827-1878)

Oliver Selam Boyce was born on 30 Apr 1827 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire as the fourth child of Adam Boyce and Mary Loverin. He had six siblings, namely: Elias Smith, Achsah Jane, Sophronia Jennette, Sylvanus, Lucinda Hall, and Mary Loverin. He was called Selam.

When he was 30, he married Mary Jane Frost, daughter of Joseph Frost and Caroline Mumford, on 02 Jul 1857 in Massachusetts (New England). She was called Lady.

Oliver Selam Boyce and Mary Jane Frost had the following children:

  • Mary B. Boyce was born on 21 Nov 1860 in … Continue reading
  • Happy Birthday Sarah Everett

    Sarah Everett - Cornelius Fisher, marriage.

    Sarah Everett (1644-1677)

    Sarah Everett was born on 12 Apr 1644 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts as the third child of Richard Everett and Mary Winch. She had four full siblings, namely: Abigail, Israel, Ruth, and Jedediah. Her father had been married before he was married to Mary Winch, so Sarah had six half-siblings, namely: Israel, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, and James. Many of these children had died before Sarah was born. For example, she had a sister with the same name who only lived from 14 Mar to 1 April 1641. It was common then to reuse the names of deceased … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Mary Jane Frost

    Boyce Ledger - surf and turf

    Mary Jane Frost (1825-1915)

    Mary Jane Frost was born on 05 Feb 1825 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the fourth child of Joseph Frost and Caroline Mumford. She had four siblings, namely: Thomas, George, Sarah E. S., and Charles. She grew up in Dorchester.

    When she was 32, Mary Jane Frost married Oliver Selam Boyce, son of Adam Boyce and Mary Loverin, on 02 Jul 1857 in Massachusetts. She was called Lady. He was known as Selam.

    On the day of their marriage, the couple started a ledger to keep track of their expenses. The book still exists. What … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Mary Loverin

    Loverin-Boyce, marriage record.

    Mary Loverin (1792-1884)

    With the help of a family bible, an application for an 1812 War Pension, and the memoir of her granddaughter, Gertrude Lovin Boyce Phillips, we can get a glimpse into “Polly” Loverin Boyce’s  life as she lived in New Hampshire and Vermont and finally on a farm in Illinois.

    Mary Loverin was born on 01 Feb 1792 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire as the fourth child of John Loverin and Betty Hall. She had ten siblings, namely: Eunice, Aehsa, Kimbell, Caleb, Betty, Eunice, Hannah Hall, Lydia Hall, John Caleb, and Loisa Jane Printice. Mary Loverin was … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday John Frost!

    John Frost (1754-1822)

    John Frost was born on 03 Jan 1754 in Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts as the only child of Joseph Frost and Deborah Esterbrook. John’s father was killed on 17 May 1755 after falling from the tongue of an ox cart. His mother died 15 May 1756. So, as a two-year old, John was an orphan. We don’t know who raised John.

    When he was 22, he married Mary Bacon, daughter of John Bacon and Abigail Sawin, on 14 Nov 1776 in Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

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    Happy Birthday Hannah Tolman

    Hannah Tolman (1642-1729)

    Hannah Tolman was born on 27 Jul 1642 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts as the third child of Thomas Tolman and Sarah. She had six siblings, namely: Sarah, Thomas, John, Ruth, Rebecca, and Mary. Hannah’s mother died when Hannah was young. She had a step-mother named Katherine.

    A few months before Hannah was born, the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed the first law in the new world requiring that children be taught to read and write English. Heads of households had to make sure that their own children were educated as well as anyone else in their household such … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Robert Boyes

    Robert Boyes (1743-1803)

    Happy 273rd Birth Anniversary to Revolutionary War soldier, Robert Boyes.

    Robert Boyes was born on 24 Jun 1743 in Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

    We may be most familiar with Boyce as the way to spell this surname in the family tree, but Robert’s most common spelling in the records seems to have been Boyes. At times, the name has also been spelled Boice, Boys and Boyss.

    Bunker Hill

    A week before his 32nd birthday, Robert fought at Bunker Hill. Yes, the famous battle of Bunker Hill!

    Robert was a Corporal in Captain Reid’s Company and Colonel Stark’s … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Lieutenant John Bacon (a good remembrance for Memorial Day)

    John Bacon (1721-1775)

    It seems quite appropriate to celebrate John Bacon’s birthday on Memorial Day. While this holiday remembering the people who died while serving in US armed forces didn’t start until after the Civil War, we do use it now to also remember those who died in the American Revolution. John Bacon fits that description. But let’s start at his beginning.

    John Bacon was born on 30 May 1721 in Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA (it was Suffolk County then) as the fifth child of Stephen Bacon and Mary Loker. He had four siblings, namely: Sarah, Mary, Stephen, and Henry.

    He … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Joanna Lyon

    Joanna Lyon (1690-1765)

    Joanna Lyon was born on 26 May 1690 in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts as the second child of George Lyon and Thankful Badcock. She had three siblings, namely: Preserved, Hannah, and Silence. You may remember learning about Joanna’s mother Thankful back in February (see Happy Birthday Thankful Badcock!). Joanna’s father died when she was four years old. Thankful raised Joanna and her siblings for about seven years, but when she remarried, she had to hand the children over to their grandmother Hannah Tolman Lyon. So, from about age 11 onward, Joanna Lyon was raised by her grandmother.

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