Happy Birthday Lieutenant John Bacon (a good remembrance for Memorial Day)

John Bacon (1721-1775)

It seems quite appropriate to celebrate John Bacon’s birthday on Memorial Day. While this holiday remembering the people who died while serving in US armed forces didn’t start until after the Civil War, we do use it now to also remember those who died in the American Revolution. John Bacon fits that description. But let’s start at his beginning.

John Bacon was born on 30 May 1721 in Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA (it was Suffolk County then) as the fifth child of Stephen Bacon and Mary Loker. He had four siblings, namely: Sarah, Mary, Stephen, and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Joanna Lyon

Joanna Lyon (1690-1765)

Joanna Lyon was born on 26 May 1690 in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts as the second child of George Lyon and Thankful Badcock. She had three siblings, namely: Preserved, Hannah, and Silence. You may remember learning about Joanna’s mother Thankful back in February (see Happy Birthday Thankful Badcock!). Joanna’s father died when she was four years old. Thankful raised Joanna and her siblings for about seven years, but when she remarried, she had to hand the children over to their grandmother Hannah Tolman Lyon. So, from about age 11 onward, Joanna Lyon was raised by her grandmother.

When she was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Thankful Badcock

Thankful Badcock (1668-1718)

Thankful Badcock (1667/68 – 1718)

Today is the 348th anniversary of the birth of Thankful Badcock!

Okay. Pause. Yes, “Thankful Badcock” certainly is one of more unusual names in the family tree. Pause. Chuckle. Okay.

Now that we have had our laugh…

Thankful Badcock was born on 18 Feb 1667/68 in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA as the eleventh child of Robert and Joanna Badcock. She had ten older siblings, namely: Samuel, Jonathan, James, Abigail, Nathaniel, Caleb, Hopestill, Ebenezer, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Thankful Badcock was baptized on 27 Jun 1669 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA.

Note that her birth year … Continue reading