Happy Birthday Thankful Badcock

Thankful Badcock (1668-1718)

Thankful Badcock (1667/68 – 1718)

Today is the 348th anniversary of the birth of Thankful Badcock!

Okay. Pause. Yes, “Thankful Badcock” certainly is one of more unusual names in the family tree. Pause. Chuckle. Okay.

Now that we have had our laugh…

Thankful Badcock was born on 18 Feb 1667/68 in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA as the eleventh child of Robert and Joanna Badcock. She had ten older siblings, namely: Samuel, Jonathan, James, Abigail, Nathaniel, Caleb, Hopestill, Ebenezer, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Thankful Badcock was baptized on 27 Jun 1669 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA.

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