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Following are photographs that need identification. If you recognize someone, please reply with a comment. In many cases, if a picture does not contain my direct family, I will be willing to return the original photograph to closer relatives once names can be assigned to the faces.

#0 – Totally clueless

This photo fell out of a box one day. It has no label other than a developed date of Jun 1971. It was not with any other photos or documents, so I’m not sure even of the family with which these people belong. If you have any ideas or guesses, please post a comment. The women’s dresses seem really outdated for 1971, so it could possibly have been a reprinted photo from an earlier era.

#1 – Circa 1940 CB Christianson Family Reunion

A lot of the people in this photograph have been identified, but we could use some help matching some faces to names. If you can identify any of the unidentified, please reply with a comment.


Almost identified…down to a single question mark. Front row (kids), from left: Merlin, David, Burton (with hat on), Don, Rosalie,  Marlys, Marjorie, Phyllis, Dean. Middle row, from left, Chester Swenson, Evelyn Swenson, Charles, Ruth, CB, Bertha, Richard Noble, Inez, Bennett, George Knutson, Blanche. Back row, from left, Arnold, Orville, Ivan (in hat) (behind Charles for a point of reference),  Carl Swenson?, Lawrence (between CB and Bertha), Mildred, Margaret (over Richard’s left shoulder).



#2 – Included in Bennett and Margaret Christianson collection.

1xxx-UnidentifiedLadies (2) 1xxx-UnidentifiedLadies (1)

#3 – Included in Margaret Olga Aldahl Christianson’s photo album





  1. Marcia Christianson

    I have never seen this picture before so this is my best guess. I put a question mark next to those I am not sure about.
    The four boys in the front row, if the first two are David and Merlin, then it think the other two must be Charles (Chuck) and Don Charles’ boys.? Chuck is the oldest. Girl 3 must be Phyllis.
    Middle row – Gal 6 is Ruth Christianson (Charles’ wife). Gal 9 is Blanche Knutson. Man 8 is George Knutson. Gal 7 is Inez?
    Boy 4 is Burton Knutson? Gal 5 is Evelyn Swenson Billings. Man I0 or 13 might be Chester Swenson? I can’t see number 10 and my best guess would be numb 13 is Chester. Man 11 might be Clifford? Man 12 might be either Ivan or Orville? Man 14 and gal 15 are Lawrence and Mildred? If Dean and Marlys are in the picture their parent must be there somewhere.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Marcia Christianson

    I don’t recognize my dad in the picture at all. However man 10 might be correct. However man 11 is not Orville or Ivan.

  3. Marcia Christianson

    The man you have labeled as Carl Swenson might be right. Then the bupoy with the hat is probably Burton and boy 4 is Chester Swenson.

  4. Sandra Christianson Sorenson

    Ivan Christianson is in the back row, third from left, wearing a hat because he is bald!😀

  5. Back row of Christianson photo.
    I think it is Arnold, Clifford, Ivan, and Orville, etc.

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